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BioElectronics Corporation Receives FDA Reclassification Recommendation


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- BioElectronics Corporation BIEL is a development and manufacturing company of several medical products including: HealFast®, RecoverRx®, and Allay®. The company is a worldwide leader in proprietary healthcare technologies, and has recently received a recommendation of reclassification from the FDA. The proposed change would reclassify current company Class III device standings of shortwave diathermy technologies to Class II nonthermal shortwave therapy certifications.

BIEL has already received similar certifications throughout Canada, Europe, and several other countries. The company has extensively implemented research and development studies around the world to gain its current credentials as the market leader in Over the Counter Shortwave Therapy technologies. The niche in shortwave technology is that it heals the pain with mild electronic waves, eliminating the need for caustic narcotics; which shield the pain superficially. BIEL has continued researching the technology which dates back decades, and found success by minimizing the hospital and clinical devices outputs for home use. These modifications allow the new refined developmental technologies to be safely and effectively utilized by patients for up to 24 hours a day.

The patients can easily implement the practical smaller based technologies for several pain applications throughout affected pain zones. To illustrate, HealFast® can be utilized as a back wrap, knee wrap, used for joint pain, and several other soft tissue regions. Additionally, BioElectronics has made the developments more cost-effective for prescription drug companies and patients alike. The prevailing momentum ripples caused by the FDA reclassifications reflect BioElectronics extensive, meticulous, and well placed research technologies. We are putting a three- month target alert from the current price of 0.003 a share to a 0.10 share equity, given the recent clearances and the company’s relentless passion for scientific prevailment.