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Bioengineered Proteins Drugs Market: Global Markets & Advanced Technologies


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2017 -- Some of the major companies operating in the global bio-engineered protein drugs market are Allergan, AbbVie, Inc., Agilent Technologies,Eli Lilly and Company, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Pfizer Inc.,GlaxoSmithKline plc, Novartis AG, Panacea Biotec Ltd., Sanofi S.A, Wockhardt Ltd.

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Bio engineered proteins drugs are synthesized through genetic engineering for treatment of human injury, systemic treatments of cancers, organ transplants etc. They are also known as Recombinant Protein drugsand are used for modification of immune reactions, through pathophysiological pathways at multiple levels of cells adhesion and activation. The bioengineered protein drugs are created through the recombinant DNA technology. The market for bioengineered protein drugs has been segmented by type of druginto cytokines and chemokine's, monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic enzymes, peptide hormones, peptide antibiotics, vaccines and other bioengineered protein drugs.

Cytokines are particularly important in the immune system and are involved in autocrine signaling by regulating the maturation and growth of cells by or promotion or inhibition. For e.g Calcineurin inhibitors, TNF- alpha which is a proinflammatory cytokine.Monoclonal Antibodies aredeveloped through fusion of immortal tumor cells along with antibody producing lymphocyte cells. The monoclonal antibodies are single antibodies such asDaclizumab (Zenapax) &Basiliximab (Simulect), Herceptin.

Recombinant Fusion proteins include drugs such as etanercept a TNF antagonist and other fusion protein drugs areAlefacept, which is animmunoglobin G1 fusion protein. Peptide Hormonesinclude drugs such as Humatrope and Serostim, which are harvested human growth hormone, other peptide hormone drugs include Humulin (human insulin) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

There has been a rise in the range of pharmaceutical applications of bio engineered proteins drugs. Therefore, to gain deeper insights of this aspect of the market, Bio engineered proteins drugs market has been segmented by type of application into Diabetes and Hormonal Disorders, genetic and fertility disorders, Cancers and Immunosuppression in Organ Transplant Rejection, Other Diseases

The key features shaping the market of bioengineered protein drugs are the unique attributes of these drugs over small-molecules. Bioengineered protein drugshave high specificity and complex functionality, which matches the natural biological processes and hence, there lower adverse effects. Since, they are synthesized through naturally occurring human proteins the drugs have a relatively higher acceptance. Further, considering the market dynamics of these drugs the duration of approval from FDA is comparatively shorter than other drugs. Thus, faster FDA approval of Protein drugs is a conducive factor for higher investment in their clinical research, especially for genetic diseases where bioengineered protein drugs have the potential to provide effective treatment. Currently, there is a huge unmet demand for genetic therapeutics due to a rise in various genetic disorders. The recent advances in the field of biomedical-engineered protein drugs, combinatorial chemistry have facilitated the delivery of peptides and proteins in a controlled manner are the key drivers in this market. Further, due to technological changes in manufacturing technologies such as cell-free bio-manufacturing, insect and mammalian cell culture have been fueling growth in the bioengineered protein drug market. The market opportunities of bio engineered protein drugs have grown manifold as many biomedical and pharmaceutical companies have at a huge number of novel agents at their disposal. Moreover, there are huge incentives to develop new bioengineered protein drugs, which carry the potential for targeting specific signs and symptoms of diseases.

This research report analyzes this market on the basis of its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. This report provides comprehensive analysis of

Market growth drivers
Factors limiting market growth
Current market trends
Market structure
Market projections for upcoming years