Biofuels Market - Pin-Point Analyses of Market Competition Dynamics to Offer You a Competitive Edge

Biofuels is a class of fuels whose energy is derived biologically from carbon fixation. They are derived from various conversion procedures from solid biomass, liquid fuels and various gases. Liquid produced from various oil-rich crops and are grown in many regions across the globe. With the growing demand for energy across the globe, the biofuels market is witnessing large amounts of investments to ensure a permanent source of clean energy.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2016 -- The global biofuels market research report is a comprehensive study of the biofuels by its various applications and types of products. The report categorizes the market based on (form and regional) analysis.

Biofuels is a class of energy derived biologically from carbon fixation. In recent years, biofuels are gaining vital importance in the market due to factors such as, government support, low carbon emissions, volatility, energy sustainability, rising crude oil prices, and increase in automobile industry. The market has also witnessed a tremendous rise in demand for biofuels as they are naturally derived and can easily replace non-renewable resources.

The research study analyzes the global biofuels market on its major geographies, market segments, and current market trends. Geographies analyzed under this research report include North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World (RoW). Major restraining factors, growth factors, and market opportunities of biofuels market is analyzed in detail with supporting tables and graphs.

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The study report also includes the market attractiveness analysis that was carried out for the global market based on geography. With the help of Porter's Five Force Model, the report is designed in the effort to provide a comprehensive view of the impact made by the suppliers, new entrants, buyers, and substitutes involved in this market.

The report on the global biofuels market comprises an overview of the market – by fuel type, form analysis, and value chain analysis, as well as an executive summary within the biofuels industry.

This report analyzes, forecasts, and estimates the biofuels market in terms of volume (million gallons) and revenue (USD billion) from 2013 to 2019. It also discusses the value chain components for studying the value addition at every stage.

Overview of the Biofuels Market

The rapid development and expansion of biofuel production has created significant interest within the body of economic literature in order to understand the impact of biofuel growth on commodity market. One of the most important factors propelling the growth of this market is the fact that they are obtained from biological processes and can be manufactured using any form of oil-rich crop such as, soy, oil palm or sunflower. These crops are naturally grown in all the regions across the world, hence, making biofuels the most eco-friendly form of energy to use.

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The market research report segments the global biofuels market by fuel type: bioethanol and biodiesel. The biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel) production in top and emerging countries like the U.S., China, India, and Russia are expected to witness moderate growth in the forecast period. The U.S. is likely to witness an increasing demand for biofuels in the near future.

The biofuels market gains major revenue from the form analysis segment that comprises solid (pellet fuel, biochar and biocoal), liquid (bioethanol and biodiesel) and gaseous (Biogas, Biopropane, Syngas) forms of energy. Of all, the liquid form of biofuel that is produced from different oil-rich crops is grown in many regions across the globe. The liquid biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) market with respect to market trends, forecasts, production, consumption, and government policies and regulations are covered in-depth within this report.

In the year 2012, 24,326.7 million gallons of biofuel was produced globally, of which leading countries like the U.S., especially North America held the largest market share owing to the increased awareness amongst the population and stringent environmental regulatory policies in the country. The biofuels production in top and emerging countries is now expected to grow from 24,326.7 million gallons to reach 50,921.4 million gallons by 2019 at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2013 to 2019.

Other developing economies like Europe, China, Russia, and India are also experiencing steady development with an expectation of increase in stability for the next six years.

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Biofuels was mainly driven by the rise in fossil fuel prices and energy security. Biofuels is the direct substitute for fossil fuels, and irrespective of the on-going turmoil in the biofuels sector regarding the sustenance, quality of raw materials, and significant slowdown in investment, the market continues to show signs of growth.

The objective of the report is to highlight key facts and figures about the market size, raw materials, market revenues, and cost structures associated with the biofuels market.

Companies Mentioned in the report

Some of the leading companies profiled in the global biofuels market include BlueFire Renewables, Raizen Energia Participacoes S.A, Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings, Inc (AVRW), Australian Renewable Fuels Limited, Renewable Energy Group, and Solazyme Inc.

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