BioGanix Announces 40 Mg Phytoceramide Capsules with More Potency Than Phytoceramide 350 Mg

Produced from rice, so it’s safe for gluten-sensitive people, phytoceramides have been clinically proven to replace lipids lost to aging and smooth out rough, wrinkled skin.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Youthful skin is due to the natural barrier of lipids present that help to retain moisture and prevent skin from looking dry, rough and wrinkled.  As we age, the normal, steady renewal of those lipid begins to slow down, in particular one form called “ceramides,” of which there are 6ix different structural types.  But the good news is research is discovering that ceramides can be restored either topically or internally, by application of “phytoceramides” – literally, “plant-derived ceramides.”  For a long time now, topical application of phytoceramides was a standard beauty regimen in Japan which resulted in youthful, supple skin. 

Now, in the United States, the FDA has recently approved a phytoceramide dietary supplement which is proven to rejuvenate the skin.  A number of supplement companies produce phytoceramide 350 mg capsules.

Phytoceramides are entirely safe for consumption, with no possibility of overdose, as they are derived from natural dietary plants – typically wheat, sweet potatoes or rice.  Of course, for people with gluten sensitivity, it’s imperative that they avoid wheat products.  One of the most trustworthy brands of gluten-free phytoceramides is produced by BioGanix, and available on Amazon in 40mg capsules.  It’s interesting to note that because of the greater concentration of phytoceramides produced through rice, that the BioGanix 40mg dose is in fact stronger than the typical phytoceramide 350 mg capsules produced from wheat.

BioGanix Phytoceramide supplements have been proven to be an all-natural anti-aging supplement for healthy skin hydration, reducing of fine lines and wrinkles, "crow's feet" and for the strengthening of collagen for firmer skin.  It literally rejuvenates skin, hair and nails from the inside out.

Some of the phytoceramide reviews from Amazon purchasers illustrate the effectiveness of the supplement.  Mandy Payne wrote, “I am a 44 year old woman who, while accepting my age, is trying to fight the signs of it. I try to stay healthy inside and out, and I want my face to reflect how I feel.  I've been using phytoceramides for several months. I've used both the gluten free rice formula at 40 mg and the wheat ones, phytoceramide 350 mg. Honestly, I can't tell you that either one works better or worse. There are studies claiming that this type, the rice formula, works better. But I've had simply amazing results with both so I can't say. 

What I can say is that I have been receiving comments and compliments from people who've known me for years. I also got asked for my ID at the airport for a Bloody Mary. When I joked that they must ask everyone. She said ‘we have to ask anyone who looks under 35.’  So yeah, I was good with that.”

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