BioGanix Introduces High-Potency Forskolin 250mg Dosage for Weight Loss


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- If there’s one herbal weight loss product that may actually live up to its hype, it is forskolin (Coleus Forkohlii) aka “Indian Coleus”.  This compound, derived from the roots of a plant similar to mint, has been used for centuries in many medical traditions such as Nepal, Thailand and India.  Due to the well-understood effects of the plant, which are primarily vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) and the subsequent metabolism-boost combined with thermogenesis (burning of fat cells) and relaxation of smooth muscles, it can be therapeutically applied to a range of conditions, from asthma and heart issues to menstrual cramps to general loss of unwanted fat.

With its introduction of a new high-potency 250mg dosage, health supplement manufacturer BioGanix has created one of the most effective weight-loss products on the market.  The product is standardized to 20%, resulting in a much stronger extract than a typical forskolin dosage produced by other companies.  BioGanix Forskolin 250mg is available from, at 60% off normal retail price.

The BioGanix page on Amazon includes dozens of verified reviews from actual users of Bioganix’s forskolin 250mg product.  “Vanessa” wrote recently – “With so many products on the market, it's nearly impossible to try them all and stay healthy or actually see results. When I first came across this supplement, I was immediately attracted; not only because of its guarantee, but because it is an all natural and gluten free supplement. I was increasingly surprised upon receiving this product to find out that it actually did what it said.  I didn't feel the constant jitters or nausea I did with other supplements. My mood improved and my cravings went away. Another positive feature was that I only needed to take one capsule per day and since taking pills is difficult for me, this was great. I have had no negative side effects and have already lost several pounds after beginning the consumption of this product. It's almost too good to be true!”

As with any supplement, users are highly encouraged to check with their physician before starting a new dietary addition.  Anyone with low blood pressure or cardiovascular disease should avoid taking forskolin because of its normal function – vasodilation.  Additionally, other blood-related issues should not take foskolin, including bleeding disorders, hypertension or hypotension.  Be sure to read the enclosed details to be aware of other foskolin side effects

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