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BioGanix Introduces Natural Sleep Aids


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2016 -- BioGanix, located on the web at, is a company that is dedicated to creating natural supplements that assist users in losing weight, improving beauty and becoming healthier.  Now, this manufacturer of several important health and beauty aids is introducing a line of natural sleep aids designed to help users achieve a restful night's sleep without the use of chemicals or drugs.

BioGanix, as seen at, has created several best-selling brands on Amazon, including cutting-edge weight-loss formulas and other health and beauty improvements.  The company provides only premium-quality products manufactured with strict attention to purity standards.  All BioGanix products are produced in the United States in a GMP-certified and FDA-inspected facility and tested by a third party for potency as well as purity.

For those who are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, these natural sleeping pills are the ideal solution for those who keep tossing and turning or wake up feeling fatigued.  For occasional sleeplessness due to stress, anxiety or panic attacks, these natural sleep remedies will give relief without the use of drugs or other chemicals that can have unwanted side effects.  Scientific studies have shown that this formula can help users fall sleep faster and achieve healthful, restful sleep that leaves them feeling energized and refreshed with no groggy after-effects.

BioGanix Natural Sleep Support contains proven ingredients such as Melatonin, Magnesium Oxide, l Theanine, 5 Htp, Gaba, Mucuna Pruriens Extract and L Dopa.  With one to two capsules as needed, users will find that they are energized and rested after a good night's sleep.  For more information, see the website.

About BioGanix
BioGanix is a company dedicated to the use of natural remedies for help with sleeplessness, weight loss and other health and beauty issues.  Using proven techniques and quality ingredients, BioGanix offers users a better way to take control of their personal health.

Contact Person: Frankie Torres, Chief Operating Officer
Company: BioGanix
Address: 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr., # 15634, Houston, TX 77043, USA
Phone: 281-402-6747