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BioGanix Releases Pure Organic Yacon Root Extract Weight Loss Supplement


Cape Town, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- BioGanix recently released their new weight loss product, Yacon Root Extract Premium 1000, and consumers need to take note. One common concern with supplements is the question of natural and organic or synthetic. This latest product represents an improvement over Yacon Syrup extract products, as Bioganix is one of the first companies to release an organic and 100% pure version of Yacon Syrup Extract.

BioGanix president, Mr. Engelbrecht, firmly believes in giving consumers what they want. “People are simply fed-up with synthetic, artificial products being sold as natural and organic when in fact they are not. Consumers want exactly what the advertising states without the bait and switch tactic.”

Yacon Root Extract Premium 1000 offers pure Yacon extract in capsule form. The powdered extract is made from Yacon syrup and is 100% organic. Most competitors do not offer completely natural, organic extract. There are other advantages with capsules and it’s one of convenience. Most consumers simply do not want to deal with messy syrup.

Yacon Syrup Extract Clinical Trials

Yacon Syrup Extract is a 100% natural diet supplement that supports weight loss naturally. It is clinically proven to help with losing weight.

Clinical Nutrition released findings in 2009 of a study on Yacon syrup as an aid for weight loss. The results confirmed a direct correlation between Yacon and significant reduction in weight. The study consisted of 55 clinically obese females taking Yacon for over 4 months. The results were an average loss of 33 pounds and a reduction of 4 inches from the waist.

A famous TV Doctor also conducted a study involving 60 women using Yacon for 4 weeks. Of the 40 women who completed the entire trial period, the results were positive. Overall, 29 test subjects lost weight with an average loss of 2.9 pounds. There were 14 women who lost at least 5 pounds. The average waist size reduction was 1.9 inches.

Yacon Syrup Extract also has powerful benefits in addition to helping with weight loss. The extract is a natural source of prebiotic and probiotic factors that promote normalized digestion. Many Yacon extract users report healthier levels of daily regularity. Normal digestive movements are the result of healthy levels of digestive flora.

Yacon supplementation is known to contribute to healthier levels of blood sugar and support with lower insulin resistance. The extract has robust amounts of antioxidants and naturally curbs the appetite and increases metabolism. Support for normal liver functioning is provided which may help with ridding the body of toxins as well as lower levels of blood sugar.

Most people can safely use Bioganix Yacon Root Extract Premium 1000. However, people experiencing chronic diarrhea should avoid Yacon root extract. The best course is to consult with a physician if there are existing digestive issues. Additional precautions should be heeded if there are allergies to Yacon or seeds.

Bioganix has recently announced a limited time sale with savings up to 71% for their Yacon Root Extract and say that they offer a complete money back guarantee and free shipping, through Amazon.

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