"BioHarmonizing" Becomes a Spiritual Best-Selling Book - with Conclusion by Eckhart Tolle


Vancouver, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- On April 30th, "BioHarmonizing" became an Amazon best-selling book in the Spiritual category, right after Chopra's "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success".

Launched in December 2012 in Kindle format, "BioHarmonizing" quickly became #1 Spiritual and #3 Self Help New Release, and also #5 Spiritual Best Seller. After five months, It is still a Kindle best-seller. The newly launched paper-back version proved as successful as its digital predecessor.

"BioHarmonizing" brings the wisdom of Neale Donald Walsch (Foreword), the presence of Eckhart Tolle (Conclusion) and eight chapters to make it easier for the readers to empty their cups, live life at their full potential, and be beyond narratives. As Frank says: "Be happy now here, or you'll be happy nowhere".

BioHarmonizing enables readers to:

- expand their awareness, using ten simple pointers
- understand what matters for them, by inquiring into their value and real priorities
- act on what matters for them
- improve their resiliency
- boost their energy, by nourishing their body and mind
- live a lifelong journey in presence

BioHarmonizing is based on approaches to cultivate joyful living for the benefit of all beings. It brings pointers, dynamically presented using AmAre, to a perennial wisdom underlying several spiritual traditions, respecting all of them and appreciating the strength that there is in diversity.

BioHarmonizing facilitates awareness, joy and flourishing. It uses the working narrative of life as a journey through perceived fragmentation to the Oneness that already is. It makes it easier for people to understand their own narratives, values, and real priorities, building on strengths so as to be of service to all.

Like an Opera, this book unfolds in three parts, two interludes, and eight chapters:

Part I
- Emptying the cup
- being Aware and Accepting
- being Meaningful and Motivated

Interlude I
- At The Feet Of The Master, by Alcyone
- Break a bowl, Frank Ra

Part II
- being Active and Attentive
- being Resilient and Respectful
- Eating properly and Exercising

Interlude II
- How to Wait Less, by Leo Babauta
- The Masnavi Book IV, Story V, by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi (Rumi)

Part III
- Being, beyond narratives
- Conclusion, by Eckhart Tolle

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Frank Ra is a Dharma instructor, certified Coach (CCF), brain-fitness facilitator. He is coaching at the Center for Aging (University of Victoria, Canada). He facilitates the Eckhart Tolle Vancouver Gatherings and, as BC Coordinator for Humanity’s Team, hosts the “Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God” gatherings.

Born in a pristine Italian town near the Alps, Frank has traveled extensively, in over 30 countries, studying/working in London, California, Malta, and Estonia, before settling in Vancouver, Canada. Frank has been doing coaching and eCommunication since late 1995. He contributes to peer-reviewed Positive Psychology journals and conferences. Frank graduated in Business and Diplomatic/IR studies. He has a keen interest in Bio-informatics.

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