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Biometrics and the Potential Risk Factors


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2021 -- Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that faces the use of biometrics in healthcare today is the potential for hacking of data. The spectrum of attacks on this kind of data ranges from the low tech to the very high tech - and are only likely to increase in frequency and intensity as greater volumes of data start to exist. For those in biometric careers this has to be a key consideration, as well as for the governments that are increasingly integrating biometric information into public infrastructure and the enterprises that are responsible for delivering it. Biometrics help to keep patient information and records safe and secure but there is no doubt that the protection in place needs to evolve at the same speed as the threats to it. This could look like combining it with property or knowledge factors in multi-factor authentication, for example, to avoid faking or hacking of data. Biometrics has huge potential for safeguarding and progress but it's essential that it evolves with adequate security in place.

Biometric careers is just one area of life sciences where the team at EPM Scientific has been working to help move the industry forward. The firm was established in 2012 and has developed expertise in many different areas, from medical communications and clinical development to clinical operations, R&D, legal and compliance and biometrics careers. EPM Scientific has a reach that extends across the country to many key hubs, including Berlin and Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne and is part of a global workforce that numbers 1,000+. It is also the recruitment partner of choice to hundreds of world-leading companies as part of the Phaidon International group, which operates across 6 countries. This unique combination of national and international reach and networks is vital in a sector such as life sciences, where innovation and growth are happening on such a global scale.

Thanks to a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions, EPM Scientific is able to create options for organisations of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to well established names in life sciences. The firm has connections across the sector - which is crucial to its support for those in biometrics careers and other vital life sciences fields - and has also established a database of more than a million mid-to-senior professionals. People are key to the way that EPM Scientific has built its business as insightful and agile - the firm's consultants are trained on an ongoing basis and also work with best-in-class recruitment technology and strategy. Streamlining recruitment is at the heart of what the firm does - it has been able to simplify hiring in life sciences so that mutually beneficial connections can be made and all parties know that the process is in safe hands. There are currently many different roles available via EPM Scientific, including Freelance Senior Medical Writer, Head of Biostatistics and Service Sales Specialist.

"Like for many sectors, 2020 marked a defining moment for recruitment. Challenged by uncertainty, but unwavering in our commitment to our clients, we have endured through 2021 with a sense of duty to clients and candidates", commented Zach Stamp, Executive Director at EPM Scientific. He went onto say, "as we reflect on the challenges of virtually securing and retaining talent, we're inspired by a team who have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and continue to help all our clients secure top talent on a global scale."

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