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Bioreactors and Fermenters Market Grows with Evolution of New Forms of Bacterial and Viral Injections and the Ongoing Research for the Development of Vaccines or Drugs

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2016 -- Bioreactors and fermenters are the main equipment needed for bioprocessing. They are employed for the cultivation of microorganisms and biochemically active substances to form the desired products. The vessels employed for the culturing of mammalian and plant cells are called bioreactors and those used for the culturing of microbial cells are called fermenters. Fermentation, which is the anaerobic conversion of sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide is carried out in both the devices. These devices are designed to provide appropriate environment for the growth and metabolic activity of the microorganisms, or the culture cells in in-vitro environment. Bioreactors and fermenters are employed in both the upstream and downstream bioprocessing which is employed for the production of therapeutic proteins, antibiotics, hormones, enzymes, blood substitutes and vaccines or for the conversion of organic waste. The types of bioreactors can be grouped as batch, fed batch and continuous. The common type of bioreactor or fermenter employed for the process of bioprocessing are the single use- bioreactors. In addition, stainless steel and glass bioreactors and fermenters are employed in the process of bio-manufacturing.

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A typical bioreactor or a fermenter consists of agitator, baffle, sparger, and jacket. The control systems for the operation of bioreactor include the temperature measurement and control, pH measurement and control, dissolved oxygen controller and foam control. The selection of an appropriate bioreactor depends on the factors such as supply, and removal of gases and excess biomass formed. The increasing demand for bioprocessed products of high quality, lead to the higher complexity of processes, and increase in the cost of the products.

The global market for bioreactors and fermenters is segmented on basis of process type, product type, application, end user and geography:

Segmentation by Process Type
Upstream bioprocessing
Downstream bioprocessing
Segmentation by Product Type
Stirred Tank Bioreactor
Airlift Fermeter
Packed Bed Bioreactor
Fluidized Bed Bioreactor
Photo Bioreactor
Membrane Bioreactor
Rotary Drum Bioreactor
Mist Bioreactor
Segmentation by Application
Cell line development
Commercial manufacturing
Antibodies production
Enzyme synthesis
Segmentation by End User
Research Centers
Biotechnology companies

The evolution of new forms of bacterial and viral injections and the ongoing research for the development of vaccines or drugs for their treatment contributes to the growth of the bioreactors and fermenters market. In addition, the growing prevalence and incidence of chronic diseases, leading to the increase in demand for bioprocessed products such as the vaccines and antibodies, among others, contribute to the increase in the biopharmaceutical production. The growing focus on cell therapy research, recombinant proteins production, and increased R&D activity also contributes to the growth of the bioreactor or fermenter market. Furthermore, increasing awareness about various diseases amongst population coupled with increase in disposable income would augment the growth of this market. Despite all these advantages, the growth of this market would be hindered due lack of technological improvements in manufacturing processes that help to increase production capacity. The high cost of the devices, and there maintenance costs might have a negative impact on the revenues of the bioreactors and fermenters market. In addition, bioreactors pose a challenge in eliminating the the biomass generated during the bio-manufacturing process, and the space required for the installation, which might hamper the demand for bioreactors or fermenters in the market.

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Based on the product type, upstream bioprocessing is most preferred which contributes to the major portion of the bioreactors and fermenters market. Based on the application, commercial manufacturing of antibodies and drugs would lead the market growth in the forecast period. This can be attributed to the ongoing research and development for the development of vaccines and drugs for the treatment of various emerging bacterial and viral diseases among others.

Geographically, North America is expected to dominate the market, closely followed by Europe. The increasing geriatric population leading to the increased in the diseased population, drives the demand for antibodies, and drugs among others, contributing to the growth of the bioreactors and fermenters market.

Some of the major players in global bioreactor and fermenters market are Sartorius AG, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Merck Millipore, Danaher Corporation, GE Healthcare, Eppendorf AG, Abacus Analytical Systems GMBH, ZETA Holding GmbH, Electrolab Biotech, and Pall Corporation among others.

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