BioSys 3011- End of World, Has Got the Gaming World Addicted Battling in the Future

Finger Fun Studios have launched BioSys 3011 the game that players cannot put down


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- For a long time there was a buzz on the Internet about a new game that was being launched, no one knew what it was called or who designed it, then bit-by-bit details of the game started to emerge. The name BioSys 3011 was revealed by Finger Fun Studios, but still details were being kept to a minimum, teasing gamers, and then it was launched on May 1 2014, and all the hype lived up to its name.

Finger Fun Studios wanted to launch a different type of game, they said they wanted a Sci-Fi fantasy game that would stretch people’s imagination, and according to all the reviews, not only has it got people hooked, it is being called the computer game of 2014.

BioSys 3011 –End of World is based on the future, set in 3011, where the world has come to an end. The sci-fi fantasy game focuses on adventure, innovation, action and excitement, making it the perfect game for any gamer who wants to explore what the world will be like in the future and take on the battle of all battles.

The adventure game is available to iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android for Free. For players who want to experience the best game of 2014 can download it from both stores, but there is a warning, once players start playing, they will not be able to put the game down.

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