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BioThermo Labs Launches CREMATE Thermogenic Fat Burner for Drastic Weight Loss Fast

BioThermo Labs has created a new supplement with maximum strength, maximum purity ingredients to help individuals burn fat quickly and efficiently.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- America has one of the world’s leading rates of obesity, thanks to the ready availability of cheap, highly fatty foods. This in turn has created a huge demand in supplements to help individuals lose weight- the slow nature of un-supplemented dieting leaves many disenchanted and more likely to give up. This demand has led to a saturation of the market with diet pills and nutritional supplements. Among these, BioThermo Labs has endeavoured to create the ultimate fat burning pill to put an end to the competition.

The new supplement, CREMATE Thermogenic Fat Burner, is claimed by BioThermo Labs to be the best fat burner ever created. The pill uses Microencapsulated Caffeine, Green Tea
caffeine extract, Gluuronolactone, Microencapsulated Phenethylamine HCL, Synephrine
Caprylate, Nettle Leaf Extract, Niacin, Vinpocetine, and Pausinystalia Yohimbine Bark Extractto create the ultimate blend of fat burning ingredients.

Just one pill daily on an empty stomach promises to have drastic results which can be felt in just 30 minutes after taking the pill, thanks to the way that thermogenic fat burners work- converting the fat reserves of the human body into energy that can help people stay focussed, perform better during exercise and crucially, lose weight.

A spokesperson for BioThermo Labs explained, “We named the supplement CREMATE because once users take our max strength fat burner, the fat melts away rapidly and efficiently. It needed a name that matched the strength of the supplement, so we decided to be bold. Each capsule has 778mg of pure active ingredients and they contain no fillers or binders. They’re also suitable for vegetarians, meaning everyone can benefit from this top quality product. Just one capsule a day can sustain a 12 hour energy boost that is created by burning the body’s fat reserves- it’s a double win.”

About BioThermo Labs
BioThermo Labs specializes in creating high quality diet pills and nutritional supplements. BioThermo Labs is proud to present the strongest fat burner to hit the market in 2013, CREMATE. Designed to have a single capsule serving with no fillers and available exclusively through the Amazon marketplace, the diet pill represents the most advanced metabolic technology currently available on the market. For more information, please visit: