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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Could Give More Power to Tax Cryptocurrency


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2021 -- The issue of taxes and cryptocurrencies is one that has received a lot of airtime - but not that much action - in recent years. However, now there is a real incentive to ensure that crypto investors are paying taxes when selling those investments, as Congress is considering strengthening reporting requirements. A bipartisan £1 trillion infrastructure bill contains a provision that would give more power to tax enforcement around transactions relating to digital assets, whether they are non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies. The provision is designed to ensure that details of transactions, including gains, losses and purchase price, are being fully reported to the IRS. Currently, there is a lot of unreported income where cryptocurrencies are concerned, in part because it's often not clear when transactions are occurring and investors may forget that these are actually taxable. The digital asset provisions of the bill have been included in it to help pay for the infrastructure package that the bill contains so are unlikely to be excluded or ignored.

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