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‘Bipolar Today’ Offers Wealth of Free Information for Those with Bipolar Disorder


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2011 -- According to a recent study in the Archives of General Psychiatry, 2.4 percent of people have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The researchers, who looked at data from 11 countries, admit that these numbers are probably much higher because the data refers only to those who have been officially diagnosed.

Bipolar disorder not only affects those who have been diagnosed, but the many people who live with them, work with them, and know them. From spouses to friends, bosses to co-workers, bipolar disorder can affect more than just the person with the condition. Finding resources to help get more information is very important for anyone who has bipolar disorder or is close to someone who does.

A new website is already getting a lot of attention for its outstanding selection of helpful articles and other information about on bipolar disorder. Bipolar Today also features a bipolar blog, bipolar news, and a wealth of information about the condition, ranging from symptoms to diagnoses to therapy and medications and more.

“Bipolar disorder is a spectrum of disorders that affect mood,” an article on the website explained, adding that those who have bipolar disorder will have periods of very high mood called “mania” or “hypomania” and periods of very low mood called “major depression”.

“Both of these periods can be very challenging for those suffering from the illness and for those around them. Manic and less-serious hypomanic periods can include reckless behavior and even delusions, while depressive episodes can lead to self-destructive behavior and are simply horrible in their own right.”

The website is divided into three different sections, making it extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. “Information Pages” can be accessed through the “Categories” links that are listed on the home page. They provide a lot of very helpful information about those who wish to learn bipolar disorder facts.

The “Bipolar News” section contains the latest stories about the condition, making it a great resource for people who want to learn the latest developments in bipolar disorder news.

In “Daniel’s Blog,” readers can experience the very personal reflections from someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The bipolar disorder blog will be more philosophical and personal in nature, and examine questions that those with the condition may have.

About Bipolar Today
Bipolar Today is a website that has been around since August 2011 with facts, news and opinion about bipolar disorder from the perspective of someone living with the condition. It includes information, daily news and weekly blog posts. Its author, Daniel Bader, PhD, has a doctorate in philosophy, having studied the relationship between scientific and practical knowledge in medicine. For more information, please visit http://www.bipolartoday.com