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Bipolar Today Website Begins Article Series on Accommodating Bipolar Disorder in the Workplace


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2012 -- The new website Bipolar Today has recently begun posting a new series of articles that provides suggestions for accommodating bipolar disorder in the workplace for employees and employers. The Bipolar Today website provides information, daily news and weekly blog posts about bipolar disorder.

Accommodating mental illness in the workplace is a crucial consideration for the millions of adults who live and work with a variety of illnesses. Among these mental illnesses is bipolar disorder, which is also classified as a disability. Protected in the U.S. under the Americans with Disabilities Act and in Canada under provincial Human Rights Acts, employers not only obliged to ignore the condition in hiring but also to provide reasonable accommodations for bipolar disorder in the workplace.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997, Bipolar Today founder Daniel Bader, PhD, started the website to address the questions held by those with bipolar disorder and what it means for their lives. “For employers, [this series] provides ideas on steps that can be taken in order to proactively comply with the law and the requirements of social justice,” said Bader. “For employees, it provides ideas on the kind of accommodations to request in the face of well-meaning employers who might not otherwise know what it is that we need.”

The first article in the series deals with the issues surrounding disclosure and what accommodating bipolar disclosure actually means for employers and employees in a supportive productive work environment. Also discussed is the stigma of disclosure, fear of job loss and creating a supportive environment.

The article explains how employers can use various means to make it clear to all employees that the work environment does not discriminate against those with mental illnesses and that accommodations are available. While bulletin board announcements fit the letter of the law, memos and ultimately discussion in general staff meetings are ideal. “Employers should be trying to gain the trust of their employees rather than just meeting legal requirements,” said Bader.

In future installments, Bader will discuss topics such as scheduling and the unique emotional needs of bipolar employees. In addition to the new series of articles, Bipolar Today provides the latest news about bipolar disorder, a blog by the Website’s founder and information. “My ultimate goal with the Website and the articles is to use this understanding to help those dealing with bipolar disorder lead happier and fulfilled lives,” said Bader. For more information, please visit http://www.bipolartoday.com/accommodating-bipolar-disorder-in-the-workplace-part-i-disclosure-and-stigma/

About Bipolar Today
Bipolar Today is a Website providing information, daily news and weekly blog posts about bipolar disorder. The Website was founded by Daniel Bader, Ph.D. who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997. Bader holds a doctorate in philosophy and studied the relationship between practical reasoning and scientific knowledge in medicine.