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Birdnest Buying Guide That Offers Birdnest Selection Tips Is Now Available from Pureness Bird's Nest


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Pureness Bird’s Nest, a company that sells high quality birdnest and features in-depth information about the bird nest industry, is now offering consumers a free bird nest buyer’s guide.

The new guide is easily downloaded by clicking on a link located on the company’s website. The comprehensive guide features pointers and advice on how to select only the best and safe bird nest that is currently on the market. It also covers three important topics that every bird nest fan should know: First, how to recognize pure bird’s nest quickly and efficiently, next, on how to identify their own bird’s nest needs, and lastly, how to select a reputable source for the product.

In addition to the new bird’s nest buyers’ guide, the company has recently revamped their company’s logo, website and packaging. The new website now appears to be more user-friendly and easy for customers’ navigation. The site even includes a new Corporate Page to reach out to corporate clients who are looking at the welfare of their employees.

Bird’s nest is a popular delicacy that is enjoyed by many people of all ages. Unfortunately, like many other products, as time has passed, the quality has begun to vary. For example, some retailers either sell fake bird’s nests or sells bird’s nest that have been bleached with potentially harmful chemicals.

This unfortunate situation inspired the founders of Pureness Bird’s Nest to start their business in 2009 to break the usual market practice. Since then, they have strived to educate consumers about the truths surrounding the bird nest industry, while also offering a variety of top quality bird nest to consumers.

“The greatest finding was discovering ways to preserve and clean bird’s nest in its purest state,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that the company has since worked hard to share their knowledge through seminars aiming to educate consumers on good quality bird’s nest. Consumers can rest assured that the bird nest they purchase from Pureness Bird’s Nest will be completely pure, free from biological, chemical and physical contamination.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about Pureness Bird’s Nest can visit their newly-redesigned website www.purenessbirdnest.com.sg; in there, they can read more about the bird nest industry, shop at the online store, and download the new buyer’s guide for free.

About Pureness Bird’s Nest
Pureness Bird’s Nest was started in 2009 by two young Singaporeans, who stumbled at how fake manufacturing and unethical processing of bird’s nest using bleaching chemicals, are passed on as 100% pure bird’s nest to consumers. Being bird’s nest consumers, they began to seek for truths about bird’s nest which are guarded secretly in the bird’s nest industry. After much time and effort, the pair discovered the entire bird’s nest supply chain from the source to processing and retailing. For more information, please visit http://www.purenessbirdnest.com.sg/birds-nest-buyer-guide