Birmingham Dyslexia Assessment Clinic Offers Valuable Insight for Parents and Teachers

A leading provider of child assessment services in Birmingham offers Dyslexia Assessment and support for parents


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- In the UK, 10% of children have Dyslexia according to the Dyslexia Research Trust and 20% of children leaving school are unable to read properly. This is partly down to Dyslexia not being detected in some children. When Dyslexia is not detected in a child, it can cause a child to lose self-confidence and cause them to suffer from depression, with not understanding why they are feeling frustrated. That is why it is important to detect Dyslexia as soon as possible and if parents in Birmingham are concerned their child may have Dyslexia they should have them tested straight away.

Unfortunately, children can become violent and turn to frustrated behaviour when suffering from undiagnosed Dyslexia. With the frustration of not knowing why they are having trouble at school and why they are having trouble in life with simple issues that children without Dyslexia take for granted, children can turn to unsettled behaviour.

Many parents have become disillusioned with their local authorities when they have become concerned their child may have Dyslexia. With the NHS limited resources and reduced funding, the waiting list for Dyslexia testing is becoming longer, even though it is important to have a child tested as soon as possible.

That is why The Family Psychologist Assessment Clinic near Birmingham offer Dyslexia Assessments, to give children and their parents the support they need. Their Dyslexia Assessment clinic will arrange an appointment for an assessment within 2 weeks.

About The Dyslexia Assessment Clinic
The Dyslexia Assessment clinic which is led by Dr Rachel Johnson, who has over twelve years of Dyslexia Experience, and private experience in the field of clinical psychological assessment aims to provide parents and teachers with a very thorough assessment service, including ongoing support and guidance for teachers and parents.

The Family Psychologist Clinic near Birmingham, provides parents with a single port of call for help and support with their children, employs only the highest trained team who care about children and helping them to succeed. All the team are friendly and approachable which means parents do not have to feel unconfident about asking important questions that they would like answered.

For parents who are concerned about their children and feel they may have Dyslexia or any other type of specific learning disability, should visit The Family Psychologist Clinic Near Birmingham, please visit their website, by visiting

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