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Birthday Card Industry Enjoys Major Boost with High Demand Online


Prague, Czech Republic -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2016 -- It is popularly believed that the advent of the internet and social media has crashed the card industry. Most people believe that it is quite rare for individuals to give out cards on birthdays and other celebratory occasions. While the claim is partly true, what not many people know is that the industry has shifted online.

There have been many complaints from people across the world saying that they wish they had cards to show their loved ones how they care. The truth is that, there are leading web sites that are flourishing just fine even with no real shop open. The ingenious method followed here is that the web sites allows individuals to select the card that they want to send and then they will be given the permission to print it out or even use in the softcopy format.

Statistics on the internet has shown that people are no longer satisfied with sending a simple happy birthday text to their loved ones. There is an increasing number of individuals who are popularly using such web sites to send virtual cards, demonstrating how much they care. With distance, not many can give gifts on special occasions. As a result, wishing cards have become a reliable resort for individuals living apart.

The boost of the industry has attributed its success to two major kinds of clients – the first is the one who still respects traditional ways of wishing their loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, etc. The second one is the kind of people who are increasingly tending to modern technology. With time being a major factor in many individuals, the web site has decided to make things easier by offering well arranged categories. Birthday cards can be sorted, depending on the kind of relationship and also on age. For more information please visit

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