Birthday Cards That Come to Life Reviving a Falling Industry


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- That is exactly what one Florida company based out of Orlando, DVD Portraits has been able to do with their DP and his friends collection.

While many card companies are struggling to reach out to the 0-10 range, this company is growing rapidly. Why? Well as it is becoming clear, the new generation are geared heavily towards technology, with kids controlling the mouse or ipad controls as early as one ! This has made them move away from traditional birthday or Christmas cards many of us took for granted as a key component to gift giving.

DVD Portraits has taken a different approach. Do research on your potential clients and adapt your products around them. With the digital growing phenomenon reaching all facets of society, the easiest absorbers are children. Look at the way 3D animation has taken over the kids movie marketplace, or where anything with an electronic creature sells far more then the wooden toy.

The approach relates to the affinity of kids to cartoons and pets. You see it in Mickey Mouse, Buzz Light Year, Spongebob and so on. Armed with that understanding Ellie Beach and her colleagues of DVD Portraits went to work and created the first birthday and Christmas cards, where the characters on the card physically come to life right out of the card.

Using 3D models similar to the likes of Disney and Dreamworks, they created pet characters called DP and his friends. These characters come with all DVD Portraits products, singing classics while in 3D, to the child who is luck enough to get the birthday or Christmas gift. This changes the appeal of the gift from static to something that becomes more intrinsic to the child’s lifestyle in this fast moving digital age.

About DVD Portraits
DVD Portraits is an animation toy manufacturer in Orlando,Florida, that specializes in technology and toys for ages 0-12.

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