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Birthday Party Ideas Including Tasty Food and Drinks Are the Focus of New Section on BirthdayPlanet


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- BirthdayPlanet.net, a social networking website that is devoted to offering people of all ages a wide variety of enjoyable birthday party ideas, has just launched a new section of the site that features fantastic food and drink recipes. The website, http://birthdayplanet.net/ now features a plethora of ideas for tasty party drinks, foods and desserts that are sure to be a hit with the birthday boy or girl, as well as their guests.

To get to the newly-added section of the site, http://birthdayplanet.net/treats, visitors to BirthdayPlanet.net simply need to click on the “Treats” tab at the top of the home page. Once there, people can easily add in their own special recipes, store their collections, and like, share and/or exchange their recipes with others. Each recipe is accompanied by a color photo and includes both the list of ingredients and cooking instructions, as well as helpful information as to why the dish would be great for a birthday party.

For example, one of the newly-posted recipes that is already getting a lot of attention from readers is for Fancy and Colorful Kids Cupcakes.

“Baking a cake for everyone at a party may be quite tricky especially if a large number of children are invited,” noted the mom who posted the recipe, adding that cupcakes come in handy at this stage because it is relatively easy to bake enough of them.

“Cupcakes for kids’ birthdays are easy to make since one can play around with the dough to come up with different shapes. Kids birthday cupcakes should be colorful as children love color; it tends to cheer them up.”

In addition to the new section devoted to birthday party treats, BirthdayPlanet.net offers a lot of other neat features that are fun for both kids and adults. For example, once people register with the website, they can enter in their birthday and see just how common their special day is around the world. The homepage of the site lists how many registered users are currently celebrating their birthday, and it also allows them to meet their “birthday buddies” online.

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