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BISH Inspires Future World Leaders Through Service Trip Opportunities

The British International School of Houston (BISH) continues to be the front-runner in revolutionizing the learning experience.


Santa Rosa Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2016 -- Education is one of the most influential aspects of a young person's life. It shapes how individuals think, behave, and interact with and impact the world around them.

The British International School of Houston (BISH) recognizes the importance of a solid education, and continues to be the front-runner in revolutionizing the learning experience. Its advanced campus building, with flexible learning spaces and collaborative centers, was designed to enhance the learning process. Through its hands-on, practical, and personalized educational styles, BISH encourages students to use their talents, educational skills, and passions to become the next generation of world leaders.

Besides in-class learning, BISH recognizes the application of skills beyond the classroom as a crucial element of a successful education. To encourage this practical application, BISH collaborates with Appleseed Expeditions and other student travel organizations that share their same vision – to inspire students to actively apply their education and talents to create positive change in communities around the world

Every year, students have the chance to embark on a service journey that will change their lives. These yearly projects prepare students for a senior trip to Tanzania with Global Campus Worldwide. On this adventure, students experience Tanzanian culture and see firsthand the challenges the people and environment of Tanzania face every day. The trip provides an unforgettable opportunity for students to use their skills to positively affect the Tanzanian community

This October, BISH worked with Appleseed Expeditions, a Florida-based service-learning company, to coordinate five unique service trips. Students of all ages departed on these various expeditions, experiencing different types of service and discovering how they could impact local communities

In Oklahoma City, students worked with feeding programs to pack hundreds of lunches for local native children. Another group of students served in an organic garden to help provide vegetables to the Navajo and Hopi nations in Tuba City, Arizona. A third set of students experienced Yellowstone by assisting the Wolf and Grizzly Center in landscaping and ground work. A fourth group traveled to Dade City, Florida, where they served the local Redlands Migrant Christian Association by helping with construction, landscaping, and mentoring the children.

The last group of students journeyed to New Orleans to focus on post-Hurricane Katrina rehabilitation. These students helped landscape areas of the Lower Ninth Ward and planted cypress trees, an essential environmental mechanism in reducing damaging effects of future storms

While each of these trips was unique in its service and vision, all made a similar impression on students who were involved in the service. Overwhelmingly, students responded that though tasks seemed menial, the impact on the community was far greater than they would have imagined.

One student who served in New Orleans stated, "Service work gave me an in-depth and personal idea of how service helped the community. Cars would honk at us and people would come up and say thank you. It was a real privilege to know that even the smallest action positively affected the community."

BISH recognizes that these experiences with Appleseed Expeditions and other groups allow students the opportunity to find a purpose greater than themselves by utilizing their own skills, passions, and education in real-life situations. They learn the importance of positively serving their local communities, and even larger global community.

These students represent our future world leaders,and we can't wait to see what they do next!