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Bison Announces Availability of Unmatched Rooftop Decks at Most Competitive Prices


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Bison announces the availability of unmatched rooftop decks at the most competitive prices. Their deck supports provide a variety of decking surface materials over rooftops, plazas, concrete patios, on-grade, and in-water features. One can build a deck anywhere while getting the most attractive features. Also, their original and screw-to-adjust pedestal assures an accurate level and smooth decking surface. In addition to this, one can freely install remarkable and durable decks over flat roofs, unappealing cracked concrete patios, parking spaces, etc.

The company has put their seamless efforts into providing only quality products at the most affordable prices. Over the years, Bison has become the trusted name for delivering deck pedestals and wood tiles for pedestal supported decks and rooftop decking. Their experienced professionals possess expertise in building exceptionally creative rooftop decking environments.

A spokesperson from Bison mentioned, “As Bison’s Green Roof Consultant, Mark Fusco offers comprehensive green roof construction and planting expertise. Mark is an LEED AP, accredited GRP (Green Roof Professional) and Horticulturist who offers a decade of plant and landscape design experience. Mark served as Designer and Project Manager for The Denver Botanic Garden's green roof, which is Denver's first publicly accessible green roof. As an accomplished horticulturist, he researched and tested plant efficiency and viability in the rooftop environment.”

Bison’s team provides consistent quality customer service and products. They have the ability to turn any virtual thought into a reality; so whether it is about product delivery or thinking creatively, they always do their best.

About Bison
Bison Innovative Products is proud to be the leader in the rooftop decking industry. In addition to their full line of pedestal products, they sell commercial grade hardwood tiles, and provide green roof consulting services. They are committed to developing new environmentally responsible rooftop deck and green roof solutions. Bison Deck Supports give architects and building owners a simple, cost effective way to maximize rooftop spaces and build attractive, level pedestrian decks. They evolved with the changes and growth in the roofing industry, continually developing new products to meet changing contractor needs.

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