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Bison Innovative Products Offers Comfortable and Beautiful Garden Bench/Planter Range


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Bison Innovative Products offers a comfortable and beautiful collection of Garden Bench/Planter – varying in design, material and size. The trusted Rooftop Decking Company also offers custom solutions to address customer’s specific needs.

The listed products at Bison’s official website reflect a captivating range of its very own Bison Cubes™ planters, seating and storage. These include: the super strong, lightweight and durable Aluminum Cubes; heavyweight Weathered Steel Cube featuring a beautiful rust patina; long lasting IPE Hardwood Cube; and storage-enabled IPE Tops. While the first two products require no maintenance, the remaining listed products require some, but little maintenance.

“With integrated Bison Cubes™ the choice is yours,” states a company spokesperson “Bison Cubes™,” she adds, “make it easy to design a comfortable and beautiful rooftop environment. The design options are infinite. Instead of installing a deck tile, set a Bison Cube™ in its place.”

Bison Innovative Products has also listed an option on its website that allows customers to rearrange Bison Cubes™ as per their imagination. The spokesperson further expands on the claim and states, “One can create a one-of-a-kind landscaped and decking environment using his/her creativity. The Bison Cubes™ can be rearranged for new looks or special events – ensuring flexibility.”

A detailed description of these garden benches/planters can be obtained from the following link: Customers can also contact the Bison’s sales team for more information on specifications and quotes for the Bison Cubes™. The company, in turn, ensures to answer all their customers’ questions fully. They also provide the best quotes on their products.

About Bison Innovative Products
Since 1995, Bison has been a trusted name for supplying deck pedestals and wood decking tiles for pedestal supported decks and rooftop decking. Their supports give architects and building owners a simple, cost-effective way to maximize rooftop spaces and build attractive, level pedestrian decks.

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