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Bitcoin Guinness Project Open for Donations to Promote Bitcoin's Popularization and Recognition

Bitcoin Development LTD announces opening Bitcoin Guinness Project, inviting donations from associated companies and organizations across the world for promoting Bitcoin's development all over the world.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Bitcoin Development LTD has initiated a new campaign, aimed at bringing more recognition and popularity to Bitcoin. The company invites companies, organizations associated with Bitcoins and also Bitcoin fans to donate to the Bitcoin Guinness Project. The objective is to prepare Bitcoin fan companies to apply for Guinness Record, which will promote Bitcoin's popularity and recognition.

The CEO of Bitcoin Development LTD, Howard feels that if Guinness Organizations recognize the Bitcoin applying project, it will achieve a wide level of recognition for this virtual currency. He states, "The idea is to introduce Bitcoin as a decentralization concept and help it achieve the desired recognition through the Guinness Record. A series of applications will be accomplished at the same place and at the same time to create a Guinness Record."

The project is looking for donators and Howard is confident that more and more Bitcoin fans will come forward to donate and bring success to the project. The name of all donators will be published online on the project website. However, the detailed project plan will officially be started on August 1, 2014. Once the project is declared open, the whole process will be transmitted live all over the world, maintaining a wide level of excitement and enthusiasm.

Moreover, certificates will be shared with the project participants in Bitcoin's exhibitions, to be held in different areas. Each bitcoin donator will be rewarded with a copy of the certificates and one can also take photos for memory, which will then put in related museums as a historical mark. The whole project will create a worldwide movement, roping all fans of Bitcoin to help establish Bitcoin as the leading virtual encrypted digital currency.

It could be a great opportunity for allied companies that deal in Bitcoin to make it a worldwide prominent virtual currency. The Guinness Project will bring more publicity to the currency, and Bitcoin Development LTD is playing a great role to promote Bitcoin. To learn more about the project and to participate in the project, one may visit the website

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Bitcoin Development LTD has initiated a Bitcoin Guinness Project for promoting the virtual currency and bringing more popularity to it across the world. The project is open for donations and donators' names will be published online on the project website. The project will promote the development of Bitcoin as the leading virtual currency.

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