Bitcoin Ezy

BitcoinEzy Creates Most Convenient Ever One-Stop Start-Up for New Bitcoin Users

BitcoinEzy have come out with a highly effective resource for people wanting to use Bitcoin, so users can get started quickly, safely and easily.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Bitcoin has been in the headlines a lot, as the birthing pains of the world’s first nationless cryptocurrency has attracted both positive and negative media attention. Despite this however, the opportunities and advantages of such a currency remains strong, and many of the controversies that took place have now settled, along with the value of the currency itself. Despite all this attention, few people know how to get started investing in Bitcoin. Thankfully, BitcoinEzy has created an all-in-one solution for newcomers that will help them set up and start buying Bitcoin in no time.

The Ezy Bit is a USB plug-in that comes complete with all the wallet and install files necessary for an individual to begin trading in Bitcoin from their computer, and a unique membership to BitcoinEzy that will take people from this first step to becoming Bitcoin pros, thanks to a guide on how to buy Bitcoin, easy top ups, rewards, as well as constant access to an expert support team, and exclusive giveaway offers that will help people create even more digital wealth.

The Ezy Bit is not their only innovation, they also offer BitcoinEzy top up cards available from selected retailers throughout Australia, with high security voucher codes that can be redeemed through BitcoinEzy’s secure network.

A spokesperson for BitcoinEzy explained, “In addition to our top up cards available in stores, individuals can also select how much bitcoin they’d like to buy on our site and update directly in minutes. We aim to make Bitcoin a viable consumer product, and the Ezy Bit is the first giant leap in making that possible, as we can upskill the average consumer in what they need to know while giving them all the resources they need to have, covering every base effectively.”

About BitcoinEzy
Established in 2014, BitcoinEzy is the easiest way for newcomers to get started with bitcoin. The site accepts credit card payments up to $2,000, and provides a fast, easy and safe way to transition currency into bitcoin using functional items like the Bitcoin Start Kit and Bitcoin Top Up Card to bring conventional convenience to next generation cryptocurrency. For more information please visit: