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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2020 -- Bitcoin Wallet, the official wallet for bitcoin users is now open for registrations. Bitcoin is the most popular forms of digital currency which is not controlled by an individual or an institution. And as many bitcoin users know it, it is distributed electronically through a decentralized network connecting the users. Bitcoin offers the independence from financial institutions, banks or governments. This means that there is no transactions fee and no one can interfere in these transactions. This Bitcoin Wallet is the official wallet to store this digital currency and it was created in accordance to the principles as laid down by Satoshi Nakmoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

With this official wallet, users can be assured that their funds are safe and are under their own control. It is light Bitcoin wallet which need not be downloaded. The wallet also gives open access to private keys with full control over the commission. There is no need for any ID verification as it is a free anonymous wallet. Users can now register with the bitcoin wallet and it just takes a few seconds for the setup. The best thing about having an exclusive wallet is that one can benefit from faster transactions in the bitcoin network; and no one can block the account. There are many security issues when it comes to online wallets. However, here at, users can be assured that the site does not store any data; so much so that in case of loss of user credentials or private keys from the bitcoin address, the site cannot recover any such lost data from the user's web wallet.
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Bitcoin Official is an online Bitcoin wallet wherein users can store their Bitcoin digital currency securely and operate it with great ease and safety.

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