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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Bitcoin, the most loved currency in the world, is often the source of speculation apprehension and suspicion. What makes the currency ever so popular is also the same reason why it is looked at with doubt by traders all over.

The backstory of Bitcoin dates to the year of 2009 when it was first invented and released by an anonymous person whose identity is still up for debate. While there has been a lot of research directed towards finding the real story behind the rise and fall of Bitcoin, no source has come close to what has managed to achieve.

The website, was launched early this year with the sole purpose to educate the trading community about Bitcoin and how it has changed the landscape of trading and transacting in the online world.

The currency which is a universal vehicle of exchange is unregulated which is what makes it a very convenient form of currency. There is no devaluation, no applying foreign exchange parameters etc. There is absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Those who want to use the currency can acquire it, use it for buying merchandise, investments, and so on and also get to store it in an e-wallet.

The fact that the currency is not regulated by any country or any authority makes it all the more difficult to trace it back to any illegal transaction. While there are these challenges associated with the use of Bitcoin, there are apparent advantages as well. All this and more is discussed on It is the best place to seek instant information of all the happenings in the Bitcoin world.

About is a fairly new website with cool posts on one of the most talked about subjects in the trading world. The website aims to explore the monetary, economic and regulatory aspect of the currency. It providers readers with the latest in simple and interesting reads that are posted on the website almost every day.

Some of the recent posts include, ‘Bitcoin Economics-In depth analysis, “Bitcoin price bubble-growth and Burst” and, “Understanding Bitcoin’s value’.

It is truly an innovative platform where the goal is to furnish as much information as possible. To know more, please pay a visit to It is highly recommended to do so!

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