Bitenergi Team Looks to Raise $220,000 via Rocket Hub for Their Unique Eco Business Plan "Own a Mahogany Tree in the Philippines Paradise"

The team behind this project believes that planting trees is good for the environment, for the future of tree owners and for the future of their children, no matter where the trees are planted; it will help changing the climate all over the world.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Spending in mahogany trees is an old concept and a tree owner can help clean our environment and also earn real money. It is much better than having a pension, as the mahogany tree is a palpable asset, not a volatile investment!

BitEnergi brought the tree farm concept to the planting, growing and mass production of mahogany trees that include the participation of the people, organizations and anyone who cares about helping the environment and making an investment in a non-volatile asset.

"We have started mahogany tree reforestation project in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, allowing people to fund/buy trees from their forest farm and earn a “return-on-investment” (ROI) after the trees are harvested and bought by wood processors. We are inviting people to join the team in reforesting the surrounding area of Dipolog City, in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte, the Philippines.", says Daniel Crall, BitEnergi Philippines Forest Farm Project Manager.

The team acquired the first 3.5 hectares of land and will lease up to 10 hectares at this stage. The first 10 hectares plantation will create 6 permanent jobs and more than 10 seasonal jobs in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte, a place where it is very hard to find a stable job.

Any person can fund/buy a mahogany tree today, make good revenues and save the tomorrow's environment. In 12 years the price of the tree increases to a minimum of $175 (competition estimates up to $400 per tree). Therefore, the buyers get a ROI of 650%, or a yearly ROI = 54%.

To add more value to the trees, Bitenergi will develop small factories for processing the mahogany trees and the owners of the trees in our forest will have priority to purchase shares and also to sell/buy trees on an online secure platform.

Funds raised through RocketHub will be used to cover partially the costs of planting and farm maintenance that include cost of tree seedlings, organic fertilizers, cultivation, farm labor, land lease, etc.

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About Bitenergi
BitEnergi's Ecological Project is about owning a Mahogany tree in the Philippines, powered by Bitleu [BTL], the new eco crypto-currency.