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Bitter Drops in a Cup of Happiness: A Heartfelt Novel by Rosemarie Fruth. It Celebrates Life, Love and the Triumph of Spirit.

Depicting a compelling and passionate romance adventure that plays out over three continents, ‘Bitter Drops In A Cup Of Happiness’ depicts all that is bold about life. Fusing its gripping narrative with inspirational life lessons, the novel is touching the hearts and minds of readers around the world.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- While romance and adventure have long been staples of the literary landscape, author Natalia La Fey is taking the genres to new heights by fusing her modern-day story with powerful and poignant life lessons that will enrich readers from all walks of life.

‘Bitter Drops In A Cup Of Happiness’ isn’t a sappy love story of yesteryear; it’s modern, intense and wholly engrossing.


This is a true inspirational, modern day love story poignant and pregnant with life lessons that anyone with an ear to hear could take to heart…to encourage, motivate and strengthen them for whatever life was dishing out to them!!

It is celebrating life, love, and the triumph of spirit, despite unbelievable odds of the heart wrenching challenges that griped this couple as they were beginning their dream-come-true life together.

Along with high adventure and romance played out across Europe, Africa, and the North American continent, people will be spellbound from the moment they read the opening line of this story.

“Yes, readers love an intense love story that makes the heart beat a little faster, but my book is much more than this. All those who read the book while it was still a script, and those who read it once published, walked away deeply touched”, says Fruth.

She continues, “It gave, and will give readers numerous takeaways, provoking deep thought and inspire change throughout their lives with facts to provide an abundance of real-world values, to which numerous verbally expressed, and written praises attest to. Some of which can be found in my book”

Since its launch, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This book is an almost unbelievable story, but ever so true, of one woman's unconditional, unending love for her husband stricken with a devastating disease. It teaches everyone what the marriage vow "in sickness and in health and til death do us part" really means. You will want to reach in and try to give Rosemarie a little bit of relief, but somehow you know the journey Rosemarie is on she, and only she, can make and become stronger along the way. By the end you will feel you are a part of her story and feel you have become a member of her family cherishing the precious memories she and Michael made and glorified together. The drops are bitter but thank God the cup of happiness is a large one,” says Jean Surdock, reviewing the book on Amazon.

“When I received Rosemarie’s book I started to read it right away and I could not put it down, nor put into proper words the feelings after I read 2/3 of it. Absolutely stunning and amazing and life changing for reading it. I still cannot even grasp of what kind of strengths this lady has. Her book is amazing and should become a movie in my eyes so it could reach more people to give them some life changing insights. I had some tough times in my life too and emerged stronger than ever but there is surely no comparison. The love she describe in her book is much more than I ever experienced in my life and really seldom in our world. Her book inspired me greatly and it made a difference in my little world of sorrow and heartache. She is an inspiration and it truly comes from the bottom of my heart. It felt like I was there all the way. This is how well this book was written. You are put right into Rosemarie and Michael’s world. Unbelievable, amazing real life story that should be read by everyone,” says Gisela Swanberg, reviewing the book on Amazon.

With novel’s popularity set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Bitter Drops In A Cup Of Happiness’, published by Friesen Press, is available through friesenpress.com, Amazon, and for order at over 25.000 booksellers worldwide.

‘Bitter Drops In A Cup Of Happiness’, published by Friesen Press, is available now: HYPERLINK "http://amzn.to/151LCuM" http://amzn.to/151LCuM

About Natalia La Fey
Rosemarie was born and raised in Germany. She followed a career in medicine from which she took a break in 1970, heading to Vancouver, BC, Canada from where she criss-crossed North America as a free-lance travel writer and photographer. In 1972 she moved to South Africa. A move that changed her life as she once knew it when she met her late husband at the airport in London, England, where she had to change planes. And this is her story.