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Biz4loans Discusses Merchant Cash Advance or Small Business Loan for Smaller Businesses

Small Business Term Loans Vs. Merchant Cash Advance: Which is Best? What are the pros and cons of both.


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2015 -- Biz4loans a Fresno based Small Business Financing company gives insights into Pros and Cons of Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Loans.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a fast and easy way to get small-business financing. In fact, it may be too fast and easy. Rather than quickly opting for an Merchant Cash Advance, you should pause to consider whether a Merchant Cash Advance is your best — or only — option.

A Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan but an advance against future credit and debit card sales. You pay it back daily by sending a set percentage of that day's card sales directly to the lender. The annual percentage rate is 70% to 350%, much higher than small-business loans from banks or online lenders.

And if you're not careful, one Merchant Cash Advance can lead to another and another, creating a debt spiral that can be hard to stop.

The Merchant Cash Advance dilemma: speed vs. cost

Merchant Cash Advance providers stress the convenience and speed. Biz4loans, a leading provider of Merchant Cash Advances, says the financing is "cash-flow friendly."

"You don't have to worry about fixed monthly payments during tough times, and there is no set maturity date," the company says.

The flexible repayment does make Merchant Cash Advances an attractive option for some small-business owners, says Shruti Negi, Sr Marketing Manager of Biz4loans, which helps entrepreneurs set up a small businesses.

"The cash advance traditionally fluctuates directly with the merchant's sales volumes," she tells "This gives a business owner flexibility with which to manage their cash flow, particularly during a slow season. When business is slow, the money withdrawn decreases, and increases during busier times."

But that convenience, other experts tell Biz4loans, is offset by a potentially huge risk: If you don't plan ahead, a Merchant Cash Advance could lead you into a debt trap.

"While they are fast and easily accessible, their short, short duration and very high effective rates drive many small businesses into downward cycles of re-borrowing," Pradeep Bali , founder of online lender Biz4loans. "They take out more and more debt to roll over their repayment obligations."

The comparison between the two can be given as follows:

Merchant Cash Advance vs. Bank Business Loan

Like a bank loan, a merchant cash advance provides a lump sum of money when your business needs capital.

But the financing alternative is technically not a loan.


Merchant cash advance providers are not subject to the state and federal regulations that apply to banks. Rather than making loans, merchant cash advance providers purchase future receivables at a discount. You give the discount in exchange for the quick access to cash. In subsequent months, every time you make a credit card sale, a portion of the revenue is forwarded to the provider until the entire amount has been repaid.

Merchant Cash Advances and Bank Loans: How They Differ

Here are other ways in which a merchant cash advance differs from a bank loan:

Less paperwork. The process of getting a merchant cash advance is quicker and far less onerous than a bank loan. Typically you get cash in less than a week.Higher approval rates. You must show a track record of debit or credit card receivables to qualify. Many business that cant qualify for a commercial loan can qualify for a merchant cash advance.No collateral. You do not have to put your assets, such as your home, on the line as collateral for a merchant cash advance.No use restrictions. You can use the money any way you choose.

No fixed payback schedule. You repay the cash advance according to your sales. If business is down, your repayment slows.Merchant Cash Advances Pros and Cons

Critics note that merchant cash advances are more expensive than bank loans. Yet in today's tightened credit market, commercial bank loans and credit lines are difficult to come by, especially for small retail businesses and restaurants. Merchant cash advances are sometimes the only alternatives for businesses to solve cash flow problems or get the money they need to expand.

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