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Los Altos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Change is inevitable; but it need not be overwhelming, painful or difficult. Rather than change, think about shifts as small ways of thinking, behaving and responding differently that have remarkable impact on your business. Bizshifts' Joseph DePaola says "strategic business shifts are the shifts that have the most impact with the least effort. They are the little hinges that swing big doors."

Organizations exist to help customers create value to become wealthy, and Bizshifts provides the business change processes such as business leadership, business motivation, and dispensing advice on the secrets of success that are capable of delivering the desired results; and it's these lucid, rational, and well argued processes that deliver value to customers. It's Bizshifts' contention that organizations do not exist to become more efficient; strange because most organizational interventions focus on efficiency; doing things better, faster, and cheaper. And that is why the vast majority of interventions fail. Most interventions confuse the means with the end, and as a result the means becomes the end because means are more easily measurable. So efficiency becomes the goal, rather then creating value.

Bizshifts' processes create value for customers which means putting customers at the core of the business process. But many businesses are just creating waste, which is easy-- just do work that creates no value for the customer. Most don't know that close to 60% of all work done in a service organization adds no value for the customer. Now, imagine if you could remove that and turn it to productive, value-adding work that satisfies the customer's demands. Eliminating non-value-adding work means changing the way you do work. That's the point of Bizshifts' business process transformation; by shifting the way an organization works, which leads to change and sustainable growth.

Joseph DePaola says "Bizshifts business transformation is based on a fundamental framework for thinking about change and methods for sustaining change... Thinking about the power of brand, secrets of business success, differentiation, disruption, strategic negotiation, global strategies, zombie companies, risk factors, yin-yang of selling... BizShifts provides the knowledge base, strategies, tactics that jump-start the business in tough times and powers it forward in good times... Bizshifts provides the latest, trusted global business research, intelligence, concepts, and ideas... This framework is based on value, value stream and the pursuit of profitable growth. In applying the framework, we identify what constitutes value for the customer; define the value stream and the activities that create value; and make the value stream flow faster by ridding it of waste and redundancy..."

About Bizshifts
Bizshifts Provides Transformative Business Change Through a Framework of Creative Thinking, Re-Thinking, and Forward Thinking about Subtle Shifts in Business, Leadership, Management, Strategy, Innovation, Organization... that Bring Big Results: A Framework for Thinking About Relevant and Effective Business Change And Methods For Sustaining Change.