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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- You have a new business you're determined to get off the ground, but for some reason, you just can't seem to gather up the customers in your target audience. In an age where you must compete with a billion other businesses or entrepreneurs, it is getting more difficult to shop your services to the right clients and vice versa. change it dynamically by connecting wire between you as a service provider and the quality type clients you are seeking, the bridge between customers in need and the businesses they serve, think of as the best man at your wedding always ready to bring two worlds together to make a beautiful business marriage.

When great companies and businesses as created, there can be a range of problems as to why they fail to reach the amount of clients they intend to and ultimately fail to achieve their business goals. These problems can include a waste of time and money as companies invest into failed methods of promotion; not enough proper exposure to their target audience or being limited to only a local customer base; multi-tasking too much and playing too many positions at once; and also due to the fact that they are on competition with a billion other similar companies. That's where comes, it is a lifestyle brand and Social Impact Company on a mission to change the way customers and businesses interact throughout the use of concierge service providers. uses "standard industry price quotes" to connect service providers to the client and also allow clients to fill out a request form which provides them with a connection to high quality service providers they can trust.

It is an online company headed by US Army veteran turned entrepreneur, Kaye-Cee Austin. Kaye-Cee Austin created this company with the idea of service and professionalism in mind, briefly connecting service providers directly to the customers that are searching for them; and assists individuals in the journey of becoming the heroes in their own success stories.

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