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BL Pneumatics Set the New Standard for Compressed Dryers


Rushden, Northamptonshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2017 -- BL Pneumatics provide the latest pneumatic devices and process valves to both individuals and businesses. BL Pneumatics harness stock from leading manufacturers in the industry, and have now applied their knowledge to eliminating common problems that come with desiccant dryers.

BL Pneumatics have introduced a new Hydra-D range to set a new industry standard for compressed air dryers, incorporating a variety of new features and user benefits.

Desiccant dryers are used to take all moisture from compressed air, ensuring products that should not be subject to moisture are kept dry.

BL Pneumatics state that their new Hydra-D range benefits from the following:

High reliability
Simple installation and maintenance
Guaranteed performance

Quiet operation to allow the dryer to be used in a variety of spaces and not be a disruption

An energy saving design that is suitable for businesses looking to cut costs, or remain environmentally friendly

Other specifications include:

68 Litres/sec maximum flow
40 C pressure dew point
15 Percent purge air
60 Percent energy saving

BL Pneumatics state that individuals using the Hydra-D range can see the associated costs of maintaining the dryers decrease, whilst simplified maintenance procedures can also significantly reduce the time it takes to solve any issues that may arise, and consequently cut any corresponding costs.

BL Pneumatics state that the Hydra-D technology incorporated in their compressed air dryers makes for the optimum dew point performance, and with the air velocity being controlled by a pressure maintaining device, constant flow and pressure is maintained for reliable high performance valves.

The Hydra-D dryers use a heatless configuration of two identical towers, housed in a modular design. The range of Hydra-D dryers make use of a pressure swing to efficiently dry compressed air and BL Pneumatics say it works in the following way:

- Each of the identical columns contains a cartridge which contains inlet and outlet filtration.
- Wet air enters the column
- Bulk liquids are removed by the filtration/separation stage
- Air passes through the desiccant bed where any left-over moisture is absorbed
- Finally, the dry air passes through a particle filter

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