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Black Bollymance: Interfaith Love, Religious Tensions & Heart-Warming Unity Collide, in Fourth Christian Romance Novel from Davis Ketterer

At a time when tacky plots and soft core porn seem to grace every romantic novel, Davis Ketterer storms the scene with an intelligent alternative that explores the often brushed-away issue of interfaith love. When a Christian and a Muslim meet, can they survive both families’ objections? God has the final say, in a stimulating narrative that directly addresses societal taboos and is likely to change the minds of readers along the way.


Stockbridge, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Nobody can deny the huge boom of romantic fiction in recent years; a trend that has critics worried about the recycling of the ‘same-old’ literary concepts that often involve uninspiring erotica. Just at a time when thousands demand change, Davis Ketterer rushes onto the scene with gusto. Her fourth romantic novel is wholly-unique, exploring the subject of interfaith love from a Christian perspective.


In this book of interfaith love, Chandra Evans meets Raj Patel in college and the two instantly form a bond. A Christian and a Muslim aren’t supposed to be together though, are they? Is there any way for them to unite despite their religious differences? There is, by the Grace of the Almighty. Even with the permission of the Most High, can Chandra and Raj survive their families’ dissent?

Mr. Patel says Allah’s will be done.

Mrs. Patel says surely her son can do better.

Mrs. Evans says be patriotic and marry American.

Mr. Evans says over his dead body.

“The story focuses on the power of the family to uplift and to destroy. There’s always so much more to any romance story than just boy meets girl, kiss, kiss, happily ever after. Rarely does the reader get to see more than that though.” explains Ketterer. “It’s chock-full of family squabbles, tension with a touch of humor, and a bit of passion - asking readers to perhaps rethink the legitimacy of their views.”

“Chandra and Raj meet like any other couple in college, but their beliefs and family pressure eventually cause them to part ways. When they reunite as adults the pressures have not disappeared, but neither has their love and appreciation for one another. By the aid of an overzealous romantic cousin, the two are thrown together again inducing a mostly quiet, sometimes not, battle both in and between their differing families; something everyone can relate to. The cast is colorful, the scenes are warm and certainly provide something fresh in today’s romantic fiction market,” she adds.

“Ultimately, the story reinforces the truth that God has the final say about everything, which includes the unity of two souls.”

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