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Black Diamond Cinema Launch Uses Quality Original Programming and Revenue Sharing to Fight Poverty


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Award-winning film and television producers Darryl and Renee' Pugh recently announced the highly successful launch of the online television network Black Diamond Cinema. The black-owned online film production and distribution company brings independently produced films, TV shows, documentaries, music videos and more for the Black family to the Internet, smart phones and other digital devices. The company was created to eradicate poverty through use of an affiliate marketing business model that shares revenues with website owners and bloggers that post available original content.

While social commerce in its most narrow definition utilizes online and social media to buy and sell products, it can also be a game changer in terms of the spread of entertainment and education that spurs philanthropic investment in pressing societal issues. The recent launch of Black Diamond Cinema, the first 100-percent black owned and operated online film production and distribution company, has already expanded and defined the new paradigm with its ultimate goal of eradicating global poverty.

“We are bringing highly sought-after one-of-a-kind programming such as the rare Whitney Houston Live Concert film to Black Diamond Cinema and allowing bloggers and other website owners to share in the revenues through an affiliate tracking proprietary video player,” said Black Diamond Cinema Founder Darryl Edric Pugh, Sr. “By utilizing a major portion of these profits for the new Economic Rights Movement, we hope to leverage a portion of the more than 1 Trillion dollar expendable income created by the black community every year to eliminate a major social ill.” “Currently, less than 1 percent stays within the community.”

Award-winning Baltimore filmmaker Darryl Edric Pugh, Sr. was the young actor who opened the door of opportunity for a young reporter named Oprah Winfrey and was the first syndicated topical producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show from 1986-1990 in the Baltimore market. He and wife Renee' are best known as the writers, producers and director of the nation's first black Dynasty soap opera called "The Raven." In addition to what is traditionally called the original Black Dynasty Drama Series, viewers will find a wealth of entertainment films as well as documentaries like the rare Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. film and much more.

The new broadband television network is the first-of-its-kind advertising-free network with no pre-roll or post-roll commercials. The network relies on viewers to leave a tip via their proprietary TIPJAR located on the bottom of the player. Tips range from $.05 to $5,000, and resultant revenue splits range between 25 to 75 percent. A shopping cart is built into the player for paid content with bloggers sharing in both tips and paid content with no cost to becoming an affiliate of BDC. For more information, please visit http://BlackDiamondCinema.com

About Black Diamond Cinema
The black-owned online film production and distribution company brings independently produced entertainment and documentary programming for a primarily African American audience to the Internet, smart phones and other digital devices. The company’s video affiliate marketing platform allows anyone with a website, social media account or blog to post the original content on their sites and share in any revenue generated through their affiliate video player. The original programming is optimized for iPhone, Android, Tablets and other media devices.