Black Diamond Jewelry Gaining Attention of the Contemporary Man

Black Diamonds now Rival Traditional “White” Diamonds for Popularity in Men’s Rings


Modesto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- Leading internet jeweler,, reports a growing trend of men’s black diamond rings gaining popularity. Traditionally, diamonds used in men’s rings and jewelry have been colorless, or “white” as some call them. But with newer, edgier designs being used in contemporary jewelry for men, jewelry designers have started to employ the use of black colored diamonds. The consumer is embracing this trend and it now appears to be here to stay.

Diamonds are naturally found in many colors and shades, including black. Natural black diamonds are considered to be exotic and can be found in Brazil and Africa. A diamond can also be color enhanced to a permanent jet black color using a non-nuclear radiation treatment. Most black diamonds used in jewelry today have been treated in this way to get the desired black color. The classy appearance of this exotic diamond has led to its growing popularity in black diamond jewelry for men.

Ron Yates, chief guru and founder of, comments, “In decades past, for a man, wearing diamond jewelry was a symbol that he had made it. Today, this is not entirely the case, especially with the younger demographic. However, that being said, today we are seeing younger guys gravitate towards black diamond jewelry.”

Yates goes on to add that one of his websites most popular black diamond rings for men is the FORGE ring by Benchmark Wedding Bands. “What’s really cool about this ring is its use of black diamonds, which are hip and modern, along side tungsten carbide which is also a modern metal. Combining both of these contemporary materials is very appealing to the guys.”

In addition to the growing interest in men’s black diamond rings, another popular piece for today’s man is the dog-tag necklace. And as we approach that time of year gentlemen, black diamond earrings may be a good choice for your lady when she’s wearing her little black dress.

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