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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2013 --, a website that provides list of gift recommendations for the upcoming holiday season, has recently added the popular gaming console Xbox 360 to its list. has also recommended the latest Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and since the price of their predecessors Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will fall during these holidays, these popular gaming consoles can still be great gifts.

Price and info of Xbox 360 is now available on, and its full review highlighting the console’s pros and cons has also been shared.

The media spokesperson of the stated, “Frankly, not everyone will be able to purchase the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 but the good news is that the reduced prices of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will make them now affordable to greater masses. The demand for these popular consoles will be great and for frugal parents these consoles will be the best choice.”

The spokesperson further advised that interested individuals who are seeking for discounts on the console should check for any Black Friday Xbox 360 Deals and Cyber Monday Xbox 360 Deals, as additional savings are available during those days.

The Xbox 360 price check on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be viewed on the site as well.

“The Xbox 360 is the 7th best selling all time selling console and one of the latest ones to be still offered in great numbers. The extensive number of games available on the console is more than enough to fulfill any gamers’ appetite and many more games are scheduled to be launched in the future. It is almost one-third or even one-fourth, depending on the deal, of what the Xbox One costs, hence the second best option will be gifted to many friends and families during this holiday season”, concluded the spokesperson.

More information, price check and full complete review of Xbox 360 by can be viewed on the site

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