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Black Hat World Will Lead the World in Community-Driven SEO


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2012 -- Search Engine Optimization is a means by which websites can improve their rankings in search results on major search engines like Google and Bing. As internet search engines are now the first port of call for most people when searching for products and services, high rankings make businesses more competitive and more likely to succeed.

This success can be manipulated through gaming the system; having an inside knowledge of Google’s algorithms and best practices can give businesses the edge on their competition.

Black Hat World is emerging as the world’s leading community-driven SEO forum, where users discuss and debate all the tactics and techniques employed in internet marketing for maximum effect. It’s an unmatched free resource for finding out how Google prioritises websites, and what businesses and entrepreneurs can do to be more effectively recognised within the system.

Black Hat World gets nearly 8.5 million page views a month with a truly worldwide community. Users are posting from America, Canada and the United Kingdom, right the way over to India, Eastern Europe and The Philippines. Its rating is consistently around 500 on Alexa, making it one of the most popular websites on the internet.

The Black Hat World forum is free to join with premier options available, and the community operates a self-regulating reputation system to make sure members are easily able to identify how respected other members are within the community. Reputation is earned in various ways, thanks are given by users who found information helpful, and iTrader points distributed by those members who have traded successfully with them in the past. In this way, it’s easy to parse out the meaningful contributors and identify the leading lights.

In the current economy, this form of free discussion on topics like black and white hat SEO, Adwords, niche marketing and Facebook initiatives (to name but a few) can provide all the information someone new to internet marketing could need. The continual changing shape of SEO means all discussions are frequently updated and kept current by users. This free resource means people turning to SEO as a second-income during these difficult times have a ready-made starter kit freely available to them, and this in turn is one of the reasons for Black Hat World’s astonishing success.

The site also has a sidebar that features tools and downloads, communities and affiliate schemes, reflecting their emphasis on being able to action the knowledge in the discussions that take place.

A spokesman for the site was excited about their future, “Black Hat World is currently right where Pinterest was 9 months ago in its Alexa rank, visitor numbers and reach, but we’re seeing that level of success with fewer staff and less need for resources. In 9 months time, we could well be the next Pinterest.”

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