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Black Mold in Baltimore Homes Endanger the Health of Children


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Black mold in Baltimore homes puts children’s health at great risk. Residents are requested to take necessary precaution against the growth of black molds at home. An alarming number of Baltimore homeowners have never hired mold inspectors to check their homes. Mold infection is hazardous and has proven fatal in the case of children and infants.

Mold growth should not be neglected in homes. It is not just a matter of hygiene and most importantly, molds cannot be eradicated by the use of home remedies. Scientific research shows that once mold spores settle down on moisture they multiply rapidly within days. Residents should not wait for visible signs of molds before calling for professional help. Mold is naked to the human eye and its visibility occurs only at the final stage. By this time most part of the damage is already done.

Black molds are the worse kind of danger to human health especially to children. Mold Testing Baltimore companies claim that molds enter the body not just through the airway (nose and mouth) but also through the skin. This is very dangerous and there is no way of escaping the mold infection once it starts growing in the home. Children’s skin is even more susceptible to the mold infection as the skin surface is soft and hence allows for easier penetration as opposed to adult skin. Another group of people highly susceptible to black mold infection is pregnant women. The infection will not just affect the pregnant mother but will also have long-term effects on the unborn child.

Type one allergies are most common among adults and those with strong immune systems. This type of allergy is not severe and consists of sneezing, coughing, headache, eye allergy, nausea, etc. Any indication of these symptoms should trigger a call to the nearest Mold Testing Baltimore Company. To gather further information on mold testing in Baltimore please go here.

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