Black Pearl Media Group Launches Emerge Television


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- WMC LLC’s (Wisecast Television) and Black Pearl Media Group.

In a $50 million dollar deal with Wisecast Cable, Black Pearl Media Group is Happy to announce the Launch of 2 new channels on Wisecast Cable network as a part of their deal.

The Emerge brand covers two channels Emerge TV (channel 428) and Emerge Music (channel 430). Emerge Music is a Music Select Now channel dedicated to Independent and new artists. It can be accessed via the broadcast on air and in the interactive On Demand sections of Wisecast Cable Television.

Emerge TV’s goal is to become the viewers’ main source for concert series, behind the scenes, Independent artist videos, Red Carpets and special interviews. The channels will feature full Independent Artist videos and video countdowns with 28 Music Select Now channels representing genres from pop to classical music. Independent artists will pay a nominal fee for Wisecast Television to review multiple songs for inclusion in the emerge music TV lineup versus the thousands of dollars for a 30 second spot with only local reach to a standard television station. Wisecast is not a webpage that runs videos or music files; it’s a worldwide multi-channel broadcast IP television network.

From the founder and CEO of Black Pearl Media Group, Chris Black announced, “Our mission is to offer an innovative, easily accessible platform that helps independent artists, actors and filmmakers gain exposure and grow in their fan base.”

Emerge TV channel 430 will feature under its lifestyle segments, American Gentleman. The American Gentleman redefines what it means to be a gentleman in today’s world by focusing on modern trends and considerations while adhering to traditional notions of chivalry and class as guiding principles. The American Gentleman Magazine premieres in time for its winter release on December 10, 2012 which graces Boxing Champion, Victor Ortiz on its cover echoing and defining its quest to Bring Back the Gentleman.

Emerge TV Debuts shows including, 1 on 1 with Nikki, hosted by Author, Actress, Model and CEO of the Goddess Girls Magazine which also has its upcoming digital release on December 12. The Climb The docu-series which shows the trials and tribulations of up and coming singer Tanikka Charrae´, While Ruba's World covers the latest in young hollywood news.

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