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Black Rock City Residents Facing Legal Troubles Are Not Alone, Steve Evenson Is There 24/7

Burning Man attendees can turn to Steve Evenson in times of legal crisis.


Lovelock, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- Black Rock City draws what is likely the most diverse, interesting and creative crowd of any yearly festival in America. Art fanatics, car fanatics, freedom fanatics, music lovers of all kinds, artists, poets, fabricators, drivers, partyers and just plain old fashioned Burners flock to Burning man every year. The event continues to grow and attract outstanding participants and more and more extensive media coverage. Unfortunately this means more and more legal heat tends to come crashing down on Burners to and from the festival as well as at the festival itself. Often times Burners having legal trouble feel like no lawyer will take their case or individual needs seriously and that many lawyers are just looking to take a payment and run while offering a terrible defense when it is most needed. Sadly in many cases they can be correct.

Steve Evenson is different. He makes himself available 24/7 to Burning Man attendees during the whole week of the festival. He takes every case from Burning Man extremely seriously. Steve has a remarkable track record both in court and when it comes to treating the Black Rock community with the respect and care that they deserve, no matter what the specifics of the case are. With a diverse understanding of many facets of Nevada criminal law Steve is more than qualified to handle any Burning Man related case. Steve offers a tactful, sincere and more important effective legal defense for any Burner in need no matter what the alleged crime is.

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