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Black Treacle Market: Upcoming Demands & Growth Analysis (2018-2028)


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2019 -- Market Outlook for Black treacle:

Black treacle is a dark, thick sugar containing uncrystallized syrup which is produced during the sugar refining process. Black treacle is similar to pure molasses but has less bitter flavor. Black treacle is a gluten-free product and can be used in baking for preparing fruitcakes, treacle scones, etc. Black treacle can be used while making humbugs, toffee or can be used as a pancake topping. The consumer preference for gluten-free-product is more because such products provide various health benefits such as improves cholesterol levels, increases energy levels, etc. due to which black treacle has been used by many food and bakery product manufacturers.

Black treacle demand in confectionery and baking industry

Black treacle is gluten-free sugar syrup which can be used to make a variety of bakery products such as dark gingerbread cake, fruit cakes, liquorice, tarts, puddings, biscuits, fudges, etc. Black treacle can be also added to casseroles, sauces, etc. As the trend for healthy lifestyle and diet is increasing the consumers are preferring the use of gluten-free products to avoid the risk of allergy and diseases. Therefore the demand for black treacle is likely to increase in the market as it is gluten-free and can be used to prepare many food products. Some of the major companies are providing black treacle that does not contain any artificial preservatives or flavors which is an important factor that can help expand the black treacle market as the health-conscious consumers prefer using organic products which do not contain any artificial additives. These advantages can attract food product manufacturers, bakery industry, household consumers, etc., which can further enable the rise of black treacle market.

Black treacle can be used to marinate the cooked meat. Black treacle is a unique ingredient which enhances the flavor of the meat. There are many companies that use treacle as a food ingredient in their food products such as Knorr company uses black treacle in beef and guiness stew ®. As black treacle provides enhanced flavor and aroma to the food products the demand for black treacle might increase because this might attract the food manufacturers that can incorporate black treacle in their food products which might further captivate the consumers who are looking forward to innovation in the flavor of the food products.

As black treacle is obtained while the process of sugar refining, there is no special requirement for high-cost technology or raw materials. Also as there is a huge amount of sugar production all around the world which helps in increase of the production of black treacle. This makes it economically feasible for the manufacturers and the manufacturers can, therefore, provide it at a reasonable cost to the consumers. The reasonable cost and a wide use of black treacle in food and bakery products might help to captivate the consumers.

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Global Black treacle Market: Segmentation:

Black treacle can be segmented on the basis of the source as:

Sugar beet

Black treacle can be segmented on the basis of end use as:

Food industry
Bakery products
Sauces and toppings
Others (e.g. meat products, etc.)

Global Black treacle Market: Key Participants

Tate & Lyle, Sun Agro Foods, Shepcote, Ragus, Chelsea Sugar, etc. are some key players among the others. The food companies like Knorr have been using black treacle in some of their food products.

Global Black treacle Market: Key Developments

The black treacle manufacturing companies are trying to blend black treacle with the other refined syrups in order to develop different flavors. The increase in black treacle flavors can help the food and beverage industry as well as the household consumers to develop new flavored products and this might help to increase the demand for black treacle.

Opportunities for Black treacle Market Participants:

The demand for black treacle might increase in the beverage industry as it has a slightly bitter flavor, long shelf-life, rich aroma, etc. The food and beverage companies can use black treacle to develop innovative products which are gluten- free and have a distinct flavor which can further allure the health-conscious consumers which might help increase the market for black treacle.

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Brief Approach to Research:

FMI will follow a modeling-based approach and triangulation methodology to estimate data covered in this report. A detailed market understanding and assessment of the end use of the Black treacle is covered in the study is followed by carrying out a demand-side approach to estimate the sales of target product segments, which is then cross-referenced with a supply-side assessment of value generated over a pre-defined period. Some of the key data points which get covered include market size, supply vs. demand, consumption vs. production understanding, exporting and importing geographies, key trends, opportunity, drivers, and restraints and to analyze key players and their market shares. The statistics and data are collected at a regional level, consolidated and synthesized at a global level to estimate the overall market sizes.