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Black Woman Owner of My Dental Wig Is Seeking Investment

Lydie Livolsi a Black Woman, owns the next Decacorn


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2020 -- My Dental Wig, a Los Angeles County based company, represented by its Founder LydieLivolsi, is excited to announce today its Seed to Series A funding round.

There is no doubt that My Dental Wig is the next decacorn company. It is a direct-to-consumer health and wellness subscription platform disrupting the dental market. My Dental Wig is currently seeking investment and is between the Series A and Series B rounds of funding. This makes it a great time to invest in the company and the company is fully committed to eventually becoming a publicly traded company through an initial public offering (IPO).

The Problem with Dental Implants

The problem that My Dental Wig strives to solve is that dental implants are:
-Often not covered by insurance
-Require painful bloody surgery to be installed

This means that for millions of consumers who are missing teeth, there is no other affordable alternative. This is not to mention the painful surgery eventually with post complications, potential need for pain medicine and the fear that many people have for going to the dentist.

My Dental Wig Offers a Solution

In contrast with these difficulties, anyone with missing teeth can access and order a personalized Dental Wig™ at an affordable price. Dental Wigs can also be purchased through the MyDentalWigAppand will be soon available on App store and Google play. MyDentalWig's trained technologists will come to a customer's home to getthe impressions, provide them a try-out with the product, make delivery of the final product and offer adjustments. All technologists are subject to a background check and will be following PPE safety guidelines.

My Dental Wig™ snaps into place, filling the empty space left behind by missing teeth. Unlike with a dental bridge procedure, no healthy teeth need to be trimmed. Compared to a dental implant, noting is screwed inside your jawbone. Wearers of MyDentalWig™ can eat and chew normal food without any issues.

My Dental Wig is the Story of a Successful Black Female Entrepreneur

Lydie Livolsi is the founder of My Dental Wig. As a black woman, she is part of a group that has often been left behind when it comes to obtaining funding and investment. As America is currently undergoing a cultural movement to address systemic racism, many corporations and funding sources have committed themselves to increase investment in black owned businesses and startup founders, including to black-led capital funds. These corporations hope to address the lack of funding that black entrepreneurs often suffer when starting their businesses.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a note to his company on June 17, 2020, outlining the company's initiatives. He also did an interview with Fortune magazine regarding these plans.

SoftBank Group's CEO also announced a commitment to diversity, creating a $100 million "Opportunity Growth Fund" to be administered by black tech leaders for the exclusive funding of businesses led by people of color. "Founders and entrepreneurs of color have so much potential, but they face unfair barriers that white founders don't face," CEO Marcelo Claure wrote in an e-mail to his company.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced a $100 million commitment to fight for racial equality. The company will also add a new developer camp for Black developers to its WWDC development conference and increase spending with black-owned partners, increase representation with companies Apple transacts with, and increase hiring and development of underrepresented groups.

My Dental Wig Has Tremendous Growth Potential

There has also been a tremendous push by consumers to support black owned businesses and by regular investors to invest in blackowned businesses as well. While this is a great reason to invest in My Dental Wig, the fundamentals of the company are another great reason.

The company has a 2023 proforma revenue of $4.8 billion. This corresponds to a $19.5 billion valuation and a 4.1 implied multiple. This multiple compares favorably with the FYE 2019 8.7 multiple of Align Technology Inc. While Smile Direct Club, Inc boasted a 4.1 multiple, they had much smaller 2019 revenue and valuation of $750.4 million and $3.1 billion, respectively.

My Dental Wig owns intellectual property in the form of a US patent granted in 2011, copyrights and trademarks. The product was cleared by the FDA in 2016. The My Dental Wig product is pain free and eco-friendly. The product is affordable and lasts a long time, saving their consumers from trips to the dentist. Service is fast as the My Dental Wig technologists come to a customer's home. My Dental Wig support also has Spanish-speaking representatives who can help with customers who feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish.

There are over 249 million Americans without dental insurance, according to the National Association of Dental Plans. On top of that, the American College of Prosthodontists reports that there are over 178 million Americans who are missing at least one tooth. My Dental Wig projecting to reach over 26 million signups for My Dental Wig's Buy Once Smile Forever™ payment plan on one jaw in 5 years. These plans come in three varieties—upper jaw, lower jaw, and both upper and lower jaws.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), there are over 164 million Americans who have private dental coverage and over 8 million who have enrolled in a dental savings plan. The CDC also says that there are over 46 million Americans who wear partial or full dentures. According to IBISWorld, the US dentists' market size is projected to over $136 billion in 2020 and over $160 billion by 2030.

These statistics suggest that there is a great untapped market for this solution to the problems with dental implants and the barriers that stand between many who suffer from tooth loss and an affordable solution.

The dental industry is a very fragmented with no major players. This provides the greatest opportunity to proudly become the industry leader.

My Dental Wig is a potential multibillion-dollar company that seeks to address the accessibility and discomfort that comes with dental implants. Dental implants are prohibitively expensive for many people and My Dental Wig is a product that fits in the space left behind by lost teeth. Users can do virtually anything they can do with dental implants—including eat, drink, chew or sleep without any concerns.

As a company founded by a black female entrepreneur, My Dental Wig has been subject to the systemic racism that America is currently dealing with. As increased energy from corporations and individuals begin to be applied to black owned businesses, My Dental Wig hopes to be able to benefit from additional investment not only as a righting of historical wrongs but as a winning product with a solution to potentially millions of Americans.

Whether a consumer simply fears going to the dentist or the surgery required to get dental implants, or cannot afford the procedure of getting dental implants, My Dental Wig offers a solution that could give a dental solution to a large number of people around the world. Take advantage of one of the most powerful dental industry trends by investing today.

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