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Black Women, Asian Men in U.S. Face Highest Rates of Singleness

New dating site aims to solve singleness problem among black women and Asian men in the United States.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- According to Psychology Today, Black women and Asian men are far less likely to marry interracially or inter-ethnically than Black men or Asian women.

This is one of the biggest reasons Black women and Asian men are the two groups of people in the United States who face the highest rates of singleness.

Nearly 70 percent of Black women are reportedly single. They are typically single because there is a gender imbalance in the black community due to disproportionate incarceration and higher numbers of black men marrying women of other races.

Nearly half of the Asian men in the United States are single. They are single because they tend to compete for Asian women. This is typically problematic because some statistics say that more than half of American-born Asian women will marry white men.

Since black women and Asian men are facing a singleness crisis, some people such as Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks, who recently penned "Is Marriage for White People?,” are openly calling for black women to cross “color lines” and marry outside their race.

Others, in the blogosphere are advocating the same for Asian men.

Leo Barrentine, the media director for Black and, said he agrees with those who are encouraging black women and Asian men to mingle.

“I think more black women and Asian men should get together because any loving relationship is beautiful, and I’m proud to say that our website facilitates that,” he said.

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