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Black Women's Health Event Will Be Spectacular

Return to Wellness Charity Brunch will promise to provide African American women the opportunity to learn about their health in a fun and informative format while providing a charity opportunity.


Cranford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Pampering4life Lifestyle and Wellness Company will host the Return to Wellness event on Aug. 3, 2013. This event will bring an opportunity for New Jersey’s women of color to understand the importance of nutrition, health, and wellness in a setting that is fun but informative.

The event will take place at the Best Western hotel in New Providence, New Jersey. The event covers everything from panel discussion, massage and pampering, health screenings, vendor shopping, and the ability to have exclusive health information to take home for each of the attendees present. This event recognizes there is an absence of education when it comes to the health of African American women nationally and it's important to have a forum that will include the whole mind and body experience so people can learn to do better. The first year of this event was held in partnership with the “Black Women’s Health Imperative in Washington D.C. as part of their national black tour, but the success and need of this event produced an outcry from attendees to make this an annual event.

Each year the event focuses on a leading panel of experts in the healthcare industry to highlight their personal or professional expertise in a particular area of health or wellness. Last year the keynote speaker included the President of the Black Women’s Health Imperative Eleanor Hinton Hoytt, as she discussed the importance and challenge to being women of color in America while staying healthy. There will also be in attendance, leading doctors of the New York and New Jersey area ready to lend their expertise and promote the importance of this information.

“Helping women to understand the importance of taking care of their health while experiencing a mind, body, connection and learning from leading doctor’s and panel experts in their perspective area of expertise is in a setting that is fun but yet informative is the way to go,” says Gail Thorpe, the CEO of Pampering4life. Purchase tickets at the Return to Wellness event website.

The Return to Wellness event wants to open the channel for women to have a forum to ask a health professional questions that often times goes without mention during regular office visits. Pampering4life takes the leap towards empowering women one step further with this successful community event. This is the opportunity to promote physical, spiritual, emotional wellness and to be responsible and proactive about their health all while enjoying a girl’s day out!

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