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Blackness: The Color of Power & Authority - Compelling New Book Fuses Culture, Science & History to Quash Negative Meanings of 'Blackness'

Masterfully crafted by Ntr Nb akhu Zp Tpy, ‘Blackness: The Color of Power & Authority’ calls on the author’s immense knowledge of African culture to completely change how the world perceives black and ‘blackness’. While traditionally treated as dark and negative, the author’s diligent study of everything from Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern-day technological marvels proves that black truly is the color of power. Everything is combined into an engaging book and study guide that offer vital insight into the true history and potential of this misunderstood shade of life.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- By most, black is associated with dark and negativity. From feared black magic to the color of depression and even as the color that stood front-and-center in the Civil Rights Movement; it’s not a shade of life that many hold in high regard. However, a renowned African Researcher has dedicated years of his life to quashing these theories of black and ‘blackness’; he’s now able to prove that it’s the color of true power and authority.

Everything is exposed in ‘Blackness: The Color of Power & Authority’, by Ntr Nb akhu Zp Tpy. Available as a book, eBook and combined study guide, this life-changing course will enlighten readers and rid them of stereotypes for good.


Blackness: The Color Of Power & Authority is an ebook filled with extensive Linguistic, Historical & Scientific Data from respected sources on the color and symbolism of blackness through numerous cultures & ancient civilizations. In some of the world's oldest societies they described themselves as Black! This work takes a deeper look into different African Cosmologies of Blackness, Scientific Chemical & Astronomical Data of Blackness & Numerous Ancient text giving answers of what blackness is according to science.

“I’ve been obsessed with ancient African culture my entire life,” says the author, who admits to having grown up in a broken home; an experience which served as a catalyst for his future success. “This book took thousands of hours of work, where I had to translate Egyptian languages and study countless complex documents. The end result is a book that explains ‘blackness’ before it got its modern-day meaning. The ironic thing is that black’s true meaning is the complete opposite of the connotations it stands for today,” says Ntr Nb akhu Zp Tpy.

Continuing, “Everything is categorized by science and date, diving into Sumerian Culture the Sumerian language and Egyptian Culture as well as African Traditions and Cosmology. The book also contains an A.L.D.C Ancient Language Dictionary Corpus which contains numerous Dictionaries, Lexicons and Linguistic Databases in different languages and cultures.”

Readers will also discover black’s huge and potentially life-changing influence in modern day science and technology. Including information on medicinal plants with black pigments, the leading research field of Dark Matter in outer space and even how such matter could supply an unlimited amount of rocket fuel – Black is put under the spotlight in a story that spans centuries.

“This book is for everyone – not just for those of African descent or those with an interest in our culture. Everyone has opinions of black, and the influence of the color is bigger than they think. Therefore, I urge all to pick up a copy of my book or study guide. It will give life a whole new meaning,” the author adds.

‘Blackness: The Color of Power and Authority’, published by Sacred Royalty, is available now.

For more information, to purchase or read a sample, visit: http://www.sacredroyalty.com.

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