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Entertainment blog Movie Favorites Gets Exclusive Interview With Blaine Tucker


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- New article by is expected to boost the entertainment news site into the mainstream. Editors of the site say that the exclusive interview with Blaine Tucker is a step in the right direction

Director Blaine Tucker recently spoke with editors of MovieFavorites.Org for an exclusive interview about his latest work. Editors of Movie Favorites stated that getting the interview with Blaine Tucker is a huge help towards their goal of becoming a premium outlet for entertainment news.

"This is a great opportunity for us," says Derrick Christian, an editor at Movie Favories, "It's hard to break into entertainment news because it's already such a crowded space. Blaine Tucker has gotten a lot of notice from people who know about film, we're glad to have him associated with our site."

Blaine Tucker has directed and produced many short films. His first feature length film recently debuted at SXSW, a major festival for cutting-edge work in film.

"The SXSW buzz is crucial in the careers of many artists," says Derrick Christian, "People looking for more information about Blaine Tucker are going to end up reading the exclusive interview we did with him as soon as it is published on Movie Favorites. That is exactly the sort of exposure we need to grow the site."

SXSW is famously where Twitter launched and where A-list celebrities from the worlds of music, film, and technology gather every year. This year, Blaine Tucker's first feature length film is being shown at the festival.

Editors of Movie Favorites say that they got in contact with Tucker by reaching out to him after seeing some of his short films. They began asking Blaine Tucker about his work, which eventually lead to the exclusive interview about his latest film project.

"We recognized Blaine Tucker's talent when we saw some of his short films," stated Derrick Christian. "I think that Blaine appreciated that we reached out to him before his latest round of success, and that is why he chose to give us the exclusive."

Movie Favorites will publish the exclusive interview after the conslusion of SXSW.

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