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Simply Awesome Cars Raises Money for Police Officer Blaine Tucker

Editors of Simply Awesome Cars ask readers to donate money for the family of police officer Blaine Tucker.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- Automotive entusiast website Simply Awesome Cars will soon publish an article asking fans of the site to donate money to the family of Blaine Tucker. Tucker was recently injured while on the job and according to Simply Awesome Cars, he will be in the hospital and out of work for many months.

"Blaine Tucker is a personal friend of one of contributors to Simply Awesome Cars," says Jake Williamson, an editor of the site. "This isn't a story that is going to get a lot of coverage, so we wanted to do our part in making sure that Blaine and his family are taken care of."

According to the recently written article, Blaine Tucker is a family friend of a Simply Awesome Cars writer. Editors of Simply Awesome Cars hope that by asking readers for help, Tucker's family can be well taken care of as he recovers from his injury.

"We wouldn't normally make a post like this on the site," says Jake Williamson, "But we are reaching out the best way we can to solve a problem that we think is a worthy cause."

Simply Awesome Cars has not been involved in any kind of charity work in the past, but editors say that the recent events involving Blaine Tucker and his family have opened their eyes to the need for public awareness of opportunities to help.

"I've never thought much about using the site to address social concerns," say Jake Williamson. "We're gearheads and that's basically why this site was created, but now I see that with the large readership we have, there is an opportunity for us to do much more."

Blaine Tucker and his family will recieve fundraiser proceeds directly from the Simply Awesome Cars editorial staff. The staff says that more articles focused on doing social good are planned for the near future.

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By Raquel Bowen