Blakeney Bridge Wine Comments on Robert Parker's Profound Impact on Fine Wine

Blakeney Bridge Wine comments on the impact Robert Parker has had on the world of wine and discusses his achievements.


Surrey, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- Robert Parker is the most influential, world renowned critic of French wines, something which the experts at Blakeney Bridge Wine became even more keenly aware of when they learned that former President Clinton refers to Parker when making decisions regarding wine purchases. Parker was given highest decoration in France – ‘Chevalier dans L’Ordre de la Légion d’ Honneur’ – in 1999 by French President Jacques Chirac and six years later, Parker was promoted to ‘Officier’.

It was during a holiday to Alsace, in 1967, that Parker became truly fascinated with fine wine. More than nine years later, he founded The Wine Advocate, which provided helpful, unbiased advice on various wines for consumers. Today, Parker uses a point system to depict the quality of a wine, which spans 50 to 100 points. Blakeney Bridge Wine often uses the Parker system to select their wines, choosing only those which score exceptionally high on the critic’s scale of quality. Parker tastes the Bordeaux wines each year in spring, arranging to taste the varieties which pique his interest a minimum of three times before giving them a score.

Regarding the higher scoring wines on the scale, Parker is often questioned about the difference between, for instance, an 86 and an 87. However, his answers are somewhat vague; he states that whilst both are excellent wines, when they are tasted one after the other, the 87 point wine is simply a little better than the 86. It’s common for collectors and wine drinkers now, when purchasing cases from wine merchants such as Blakeney Bridge Wine, to expressly order only wines which are over 85 on the Parker scale.

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His influence and authority in the world of fine wine cannot be underestimated, Blakeney Bridge Wine say, as his tasting notes and final score often determine the success or failure of a chateau, winery or vintage. Of wine producers, Parker is said to have remarked that they must, in order to create excellent wine, have an inexhaustible commitment to the production of fine wine, and passionate dedication to their vineyards, as fine wine symbolises the pinnacle of civilised society.
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