Blanca Cobb

Blanca Cobb's TruthBlazer Shows How Body Language Speaks Volumes


Greensboro, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Body Language Expert Blanca Cobb’s TruthBlazer gives clients an edge in their dealings by helping them see the true meaning behind an individual’s actions and mannerisms.

The ability to read people is an important skill in many professions. It plays a vital role in making successful business deals, winning a case in court, and even determining the guilt or innocence of an individual accused of a crime. This goes beyond simply listening to what people say, however. Whether or not it happens consciously, a person’s actions can help determine what is really going on in their heads. Even such small things as blinking, the tilting of the head, and the repetition of certain words can carry significance, and learning how to read the subtle signs of body language can thus be a worthwhile investment of time and money. That’s where TruthBlazer comes in.

Founded by body language and lie detection expert Blanca Cobb, TruthBlazer is a company whose business is built around helping people sift out the truth based on verbal and non-verbal cues. As has been featured on many television networks, a professional from TruthBlazer can help his or her clients by serving as a Trial Consultant who will help select fair and impartial jury members. They may also stay on hand during investigative interviews to ensure that nothing escapes the investigators.

Their services extend to conducting coaching and classes to show how interpreting body language can be used for everything from business to law enforcement. Blanca Cobb pays keen attention to the activities of her firm, and will often appear as a keynote speaker at workshops and seminars.

Those interested in what TruthBlazer has to offer can contact the company by phone or through their website. Blanca Cobb can be reached directly via email or her mailing address.

Blanca Cobb
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